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Alternative Business Financing

Alternative Business Financing

If you are like the millions of small business owners across the nation who come to the same frustrating conclusion regarding traditional lenders – we understand! Securing financing for a business is a financial challenge that is far too prevalent in today’s business world. Gaining access to working capital is important, and being able to finance medium to large expenses for the business is crucial to maintaining cash flow and keeping consistent on-hand funds. For many small business owners, credit concerns and too little verifiable collateral often keep traditional lenders like banks and credit unions from approving a financing package. Interestingly enough, these institutional lenders seem happy to lend to those who don’t really need the cash – keeping small businesses that are the heartbeat of the nation from reaching their full potential. At National Funding, we offer an array of alternative business financing options that combine flexible terms, affordable payments, and creative underwriting strategies to deliver custom-tailored financing solutions for businesses just like yours.

When you partner with the experts at National Funding, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire the financing your business needs – without having to wait weeks or months for an answer from the bank. And, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of our alternative business financing options – all of which are designed to fit your budget and your plans for growth.

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Benefits of Alternative Financing through National Funding

Partnering with National Funding provides you with access to customized alternative business financing solutions that are designed to help your business grow and succeed in this competitive landscape. The following are several key benefits to choosing National Funding as your financing partner:

Flexible financing options

We enable your business to thrive by offering a range of customized financing programs that can address your short to medium term financial needs with ease. Our loan, equipment financing, and merchant cash advance options are uniquely designed to help your business – without impacting your personal credit or sacrificing the stability of your business.

No personal guarantee

Most traditional lenders require a personal guarantee – this means that you must pledge personal assets, like your home or savings, in order to provide sufficient collateral for a business loan. Don’t place your personal assets at risk to acquire business financing. Opt instead for an unsecured business loan, equipment financing loan, or merchant cash advance through National Funding and focus on growing your business – instead of worrying about your personal assets.

Quick funding

Complete an online application and you’ll likely receive a same-day lending decision. Once we approve your loan we will ask for some basic documents that we will need to responsibly underwrite your application, and then we’ll deliver your funds in a matter of days. You can begin to address your important financial obligations in no time at all – and that is simply good for business!
Alternative business financing solutions from National Funding can help your business today. From our innovative merchant cash advance option that enables you to borrow against future credit card sales, to equipment financing solutions that can help you to acquire new or pre-owned equipment for your business, we offer a host of custom options that will position you for success within your competitive market. If you are in need of working capital and don’t want to undertake the lengthy and often fruitless process of applying with a bank or credit union, contact us today and begin the quick application process. We will begin by gathering pertinent information about your business so that we can customize an alternative financing solution to support your particular needs. Then, we will gather supporting documents, underwrite your application, and then provide the funding that you need in just days – not weeks or months like a traditional lender.

If you need strategic small business financing to grow your small business, contact the experts in alternative lending today at National Funding. Even if you have challenged credit and no collateral, we can likely still help. Bypass traditional lending sources that offer inflexible terms, a drawn-out application process, and low approval rates. Partner with us today and we’ll help you find the right alternative business financing program in no time at all. Investigate your options today!


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