How Can Businesses Protect Themselves From Cyberattacks?


Cyberattacks are becoming more and more common each year, and they’re not just happening to major corporations anymore. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small and medium businesses as well as individuals around the world, making it important for companies of all sizes to protect themselves from data breaches. Here’s how companies can safeguard sensitive information:

Upgrade technology and software

The best defense against cybercriminals is up to date technology capable of warding off hackers. Company leaders should invest in comprehensive security software that will deter criminals, as well as up to date computers, tablets and mobile devices. Outdated technology is easily attacked, which is why it’s vital for organizations to stay on top of the latest in tech trends. Companies don’t necessarily have to pay for equipment in full all at once, however. Business leaders can explore their IT equipment lease options through lenders like National Funding to gain affordable access to top of the line business equipment.

Stay alert

Keeping a company safe requires not only the best in technology, but also early detection systems for when hackers slip through security systems and cause a data breach. A determined hacker may find their way through even the most sophisticated defense systems, making early detection critical to keeping data secure. According to TechCrunch, it takes an average of 229 days for corporate networks to detect a persistent and ongoing threat.

Companies, therefore, need to focus on staying alert and staying safe online, which may require staff training. All staff should be cautious when browsing online and should only visit secure websites, which are less prone to security risks, for example. Organizations should also require employees to create complex passwords for their work email addresses and other accounts and should encourage them to access sensitive company information on secure networks only.

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