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08 12 2016

08 12 2016

National Funding Becomes The Proud Small Business Lending Partner Of The San Diego Chargers

FinTech Company Supports Hometown NFL Team with Major Sponsorship

San Diego (August 12, 2016) National Funding, one of the largest private lenders of small business loans, today announced that the company has partnered with its hometown NFL team, as the “proud small business lending partner of the San Diego Chargers”.

As part of the new partnership, National Funding will be featured prominently on the backdrop of press conferences at the Chargers media center. National Funding will also have use of the Chargers NFL trademarks across all its marketing channels.

“Many of our small business customers and staff are huge fans of the NFL, and especially the Chargers.” said Dave Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer for National Funding. “We’ve found that our prospects and customers respond very positively to this association. We felt this sponsorship was the right time to invest in our favorite NFL team and our beloved San Diego community as a whole.”

“We are pleased to welcome National Funding to our family of sponsors,” said Ken Derrett, Senior Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer for the Chargers. “National Funding is a respected FinTech and leading small business-focused company in San Diego that is committed to helping our economy grow. We are delighted to have such an enthusiastic partner on board.”

The Chargers sponsorship marks National Funding’s third major athletic sponsorship in San Diego during the past six months. Other sponsorships include: the 2015 Holiday Bowl and the San Diego Padres. National Funding’s foray into professional and collegiate sports sponsorships is the result of the company’s ongoing commitment to invest in the San Diego community and its many small businesses.

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