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Preventative Maintenance Can Save Money on Restaurant Equipment Repairs

Preventative Maintenance Can Save Money on Restaurant Equipment Repairs

Restaurateurs know repairs for their equipment can be costly. High-quality machines in the kitchen can make all the difference in a restaurant’s ability to attract customers, but they’re also expensive to maintain. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, there are ways to save money for other purposes instead of costly repairs.

“I know it’s hard enough in this business to make any money at all,” Ron, a restaurant equipment repair technician, told the news source. “But it’s really cheaper overall to maintain equipment than repair it, though it’s hard to convince some people of that.”

Scheduling regular maintenance for restaurant equipment can prevent bigger problems – like failures of important equipment such as refrigeration or hood systems – down the line. Regular checks can help technicians identify issues that need attention and remedy them immediately before restaurants are forced to close and lose revenue while the equipment is repaired extensively.

“You can drive a car for a long time without changing the oil, and you’re saving money,” Joe Pierce, president of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association, told Nation’s Restaurant News. “But once it needs repairing, that cost will be much larger than the cost of just changing the oil like you should have.” Pierce recommends the same approach to restaurant equipment.

When prevention isn’t enough

Despite the best efforts of restaurant owners and equipment technicians, sometimes a crucial piece of equipment does fail. When this happens, it’s vital for restaurateurs to do research into repair costs. In many cases, it’s a wiser choice simply to replace the machinery through an equipment financing arrangement than to shell out for repairs. This will vary on a case-by-case basis, however, which is where the need for research comes in. Owners of small restaurants will also find acquiring equipment under a financing agreement requires less capital up front than serious repair work does – another important consideration to keep in mind when considering which route to take.


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