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U.S. Small Businesses Increase Borrowing

U.S. Small Businesses Increase Borrowing

A new report from PayNet showed that U.S. business owners increased borrowing practices in March, prompting renewed confidence in a national economic recovery. The Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Lending Index rose to 115 in March, up from 111.6 in February, marking the first gain in lending since December. The 115 reading is 18 percent higher than this time in 2013.

After a prolonged winter marked by sparse economic growth, the index results were a welcome relief to business owners and economists who are now reflecting more optimism than in months past. PayNet founder Bill Phelan said the year over year increase – the largest in two years – indicates higher levels of optimism among entrepreneurs and “signals some continued strengthening” for the U.S. economy as a whole.

Although lending is up overall, some small business owners may still find it difficult to obtain the working capital they need from traditional lenders such as large banks or other financial institutions. Despite the fact that the recession is past, most large lenders have yet to loosen their credit standards, making it difficult for many to gain access to capital. Instead, small business owners can contact professionals at National Funding, who can offer assistance in finding the best financial option for each individual.


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