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Commercial Business Loans

Up to $500,000 in Financing for Commercial Businesses

Commercial Business Loans

There comes a time when companies simply outgrow the typical small business loans that are offered on the financial market today. If your business is growing rapidly and needs an influx of capital, consider a loan that is tailored for commercial businesses just like yours. At National Funding, we offer commercial business loans that are custom-tailored to meet the needs of your business – and, they’re ideally suited to help larger-scale companies like yours meet key goals and performance metrics through a quick and easy application process. Unlike traditional lenders that can take weeks or months to decision a loan or line of credit application, we choose to streamline the process and only ask for as much documentation as necessary to make a responsible lending decision.

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Benefits of Commercial Business Loans

Apply for a commercial loan today with National Funding and you will position your business for success in no time at all. The following are some of the key benefits to our commercial business loans:

  • Larger Loan Size: Enjoy a larger maximum loan size when you apply for a commercial loan with National Funding. Instead of limiting the amount of good you can do at the workplace, enjoy generous loan limits that may enable you to secure up to $500,000 to help your business grow. Most traditional lenders balk at business loans over $100,000, but we understand that large companies have a greater need for working capital and that a lesser amount may not be enough to accomplish business-related goals.
  • Efficient Application Processing: Commercial business loans through National Funding are processed and underwritten quickly – often in less time than a traditional lender like a bank or credit union. This comes down to our ability to personally review each application and make a lending decision that is based on our parameters – not the Federal Government’s. Once we approve your application we will ask for some basic documentation and a few related items to move you one step closer to securing the commercial funding you need.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: Take advantage of our flexible and accommodating repayment terms once your commercial business loan funds. Instead of locking you into a rigid repayment plan that may not adequately suit your business, we believe that providing commercial loans that are affordable and fit into your business’ budget is the right way to go. Competitive terms and payments that won’t keep you from growing your business are hallmarks of the National Funding experience.

Business Uses of Commercial Loans

Obtaining commercial financing can open up all kinds of doors for your business. Working capital creates opportunities for you to capitalize on new business prospects, it allows you to improve your existing operation, and it can help you to afford additional employees or contractors to move your business to the forefront of your industry. There are so many ways to use up to $500,000 in commercial loans to help you grow your business. The following are several ways to maximize your potential through an influx of commercial capital from National Funding:

  • Invest in new equipment: Larger operations tend to require additional equipment, tools, and technology in order to compete within their specific industry. Instead of soldiering on with your existing fleet of machines and tools, invest in newer technology to give yourself a competitive advantage. This is a terrific way to reinvest in your business while using commercial lending opportunities to bolster your revenue potential.
  • Renovate your existing facilities: There is something alluring and inviting about new and improved retail or commercial space. Your customers can feel the difference that even a slight change in appearance makes – especially when you implement changes that improve the customer experience, enhance safety and efficiency, and improve the look and feel of the business.
  • Increase your marketing budget: A commercial loan from National Funding can help you to create new and improved marketing strategies that take advantage of all popular mediums. You can hire an Internet marketing firm to help you design an effective online profile, or you can invest in a variety of advertising buys to drive awareness of your business.

The commercial financing can even be used as a bridge loan to span lulls in capital or delays from traditional lenders. Commercial business loans from National Funding are ideally suited to medium to large companies that need access to up to $500,000 in funding. Affordable loan terms and an efficient application process means that you’ll have the working capital you need to compete as effectively as possible within your industry. Contact us today to get started!


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