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Bakery Equipment Leasing and Financing

Bakery Equipment Leasing and Financing

Your bakery, coffee shop, or restaurant is surely your pride and joy. You look forward to getting up every morning, firing up the ovens, and creating decadent and savory baked goods for your customers. But the harsh reality is, owning a restaurant or bakery can be really hard work – and staying on top of the financial obligations and pitfalls of the food service industry is practically a full-time job in itself. If you are looking to upgrade or replace any of your existing bakery-related machinery, you’ll want to consult with the experts at National Funding.

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Benefits of Financing or Leasing Bakery Equipment

Some business owners in the bakery field tend to feel compelled to pay cash for everything – bakery equipment included. But smart business owners know that using up hard-earned business capital to facilitate equipment purchasing can place a business in a dangerous spot. Bakery equipment leasing or financing can help business owners just like you to acquire new or preowned bakery equipment, without the dangers of using up cash that might be needed to pay for recurring expenses, last-minute surprise repairs, or other immediate needs. In fact, using a bakery equipment leasing program provides a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Preservation of capital – keep your money in the bank where it will be well positioned to react appropriately to lucrative opportunities within your field. And, make sure that you have enough on hand cash to cover payroll, utilities expenses, monthly rent or mortgage payments, and other recurring bills.
  • Significant tax benefits – by leasing new or preowned bakery equipment, you may trigger advantageous tax benefits that can minimize the amount you owe the government each year. You will want to consult with your tax advisor for specifics on the variety of programs that are available today – like the Section 179 tax deduction, and you will quickly see how a business equipment lease can help your bottom line.
  • Create a better budget – it is far easier to integrate affordable monthly payments into your company’s operating budget than it is to manage through much larger, one-time expenses. Being able to pay a predictable amount each month simply makes sense when it comes to managing the finances of the business.
  • Afford newer and better equipment – leasing bakery equipment generally provides much lower payments than a standard purchase, permitting you to afford more machinery or a higher grade of equipment then you have ever thought possible. Plus, most leases allow you to simply return the equipment at the end of the term to exchange for a newer or more efficient unit.

We hope you choose to partner with us to create a custom tailored equipment lease for your bakery business. At National Funding, we take pride in the fact that we do things a little differently than you’d expect when applying for business financing. While many small business owners choose to partner with a traditional lender like a bank or a credit union, the majority of these borrowers receive turndown notices. Many of these notices stem from the bank or credit union’s aggressive and strict underwriting guidelines that are in stark contrast to our flexible and accommodating lending policies.

Since we provide alternative lending, National Funding is able to ensure a faster and easier financing process than an bank or credit union. The first step towards securing the bakery equipment lease that you need is to apply today, either through the form above or by giving us a call. One of our helpful lending specialists will work closely with you to create a personalized lease program that will help you obtain needed new or preowned bakery equipment. We are often able to generate a lending decision in a matter of minutes, and we will fund your approved lease in a matter of days – meaning you will be that much closer to securing the equipment that you need. Contact us today to create an equipment lease that is nearly as masterful as your baking!


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