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Industries Served

No matter the industry or equipment, we can help you lease or finance it

Industries Served

Corporate and Commercial Equipment Leasing

National Funding offers clients the ability to lease new or pre-owned equipment from the vendors of their choice. We can customize a corporate or commercial equipment lease program that is tailored to practically any business’ needs.

We do what it takes to make sure you get the equipment you need, while remaining flexible to your unique situation. Most times, we can even include the delivery, installation, and training fees in your lease.

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Industry Specific Equipment Available for Lease

Every industry is unique, but one thing they all have in common is the need for equipment. National Funding is the industry leader when it comes to specializing in a vast and ever-growing list of industries. Our account managers are specially trained in the equipment needs of the nation’s top small businesses.

Here are just a handful of the industries financing equipment leases with National Funding:

Helpful Tips When Selecting Equipment

Since we truly believe that you cannot make a bad deal with a good company, and you cannot make a good deal with a bad company, please keep these helpful tips in mind when selecting your equipment supplier:

  1. Make sure you are working with a reputable vendor or third party that you can trust when purchasing equipment.
  2. Check with your insurance company and make sure that you can get coverage on the equipment you want to purchase.
  3. To make sure a vehicle lease process is not delayed, arrange ahead of time with your insurance company to be prepared to process a certificate of insurance for the vehicle. This is mandatory for any type of vehicle lease.

Businesses can lease practically any type of equipment in almost every industry (some exceptions apply – contact us for details). So whether you own a restaurant or a repair shop, a trucking business or a tractor company, we can help you get the equipment you need. And, equipment leasing can provide substantial tax benefits.


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