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Types of Leases

Types of Leases

Equipment leasing options available for small business owners

An equipment lease through National Funding can be much more advantageous than other types of financing or bank loans. Equipment leasing provides the flexibility to preserve working capital, while taking advantage of major tax savings.

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Similar to other financial products, there are a seemingly endless variety of options when it comes to structuring your equipment lease. National Funding has the ability to custom-tailor the type of program that meets the unique needs of your business, including monthly payment amounts, payback terms, upgrades, and buyout options.

Plus, unlike traditional bank loans, we’ve streamlined the process for qualified small businesses. With our 1-page application and same day approvals, you could get an equipment lease for up to $150,000 with payments deferred for 90 days. Consider below the types of leases that might be right for your business:

Purchase Option

A Purchase Option lease is a traditional type of lease agreement with lower monthly payments than a dollar buy-out. You have three options when the term of your equipment lease ends:

  1. You can purchase your leased equipment at the then current market value
  2. You can renew the equipment lease
  3. You can return the equipment—an excellent option for customers expecting a decrease in the value of their leased equipment.

Dollar Buy-Out Lease

With this equipment lease financing option, at the end of your lease term, you “buy” your equipment for just a $1. This is an attractive option for companies who know their equipment will not lose value and are looking to keep their equipment at the end of the lease.

High Cost Equipment

National Funding offers commercial leasing for large equipment purchases over $150,000. Many banks will include equipment leases on your business’ available credit and reduce your credit line limits accordingly. By doing business with National Funding, your equipment leases won’t affect your available bank credit.


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