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How National Funding Can Help Your Professional Service Business

Fast and Flexible Funding

We support professional services business owners by providing funding with a quick turnaround, flexible solutions and great service to a diverse range of industries.

Cover Capital Expenditures

Update equipment, improve facilities, and add critical growth elements

Pay Business Expenses

Make sure bills, taxes, and vendors are paid on time so you’re not facing overdue notices

Grow Your Business

Pay for marketing and advertising efforts, bring on new staff, or open a new location

Benefits of Professional Services Business Loans

The professional services industry includes any businesses that provide custom, knowledge-based services for clients. For example, accounting firms, law firms, IT companies, advertising companies, and many other types of businesses.

These knowledge-based businesses often don’t require any big equipment or many overhead costs. However, a small business loan can help professional services businesses with other costs such as payroll or office space rent during a slow season.

Professional services businesses can also use a small business loan to expand their company or purchase new computers or other necessary equipment to help them do their job better.

Access Working Capital To Keep Your Professional Services Business Running

Securing the funds you need to keep your professional services business operating smoothly is simple with financing options from National Funding. Our application process is quick, easy, and secure. Select your business type below to learn more about how small funding can help your business.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Whether you are an accountant or a tax preparation firm; your business may need access to working capital to keep your business running smoothly when people need it most during this crisis. National Funding supports essential businesses by providing fast and flexible funding. Select your business type below to learn more:

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Law Firms and Legal Services

Law Firms and Legal Services

Managing a law firm can be challenging for its owners. From hiring quality staff to help your legal practice run smoothly, to upgrading invoice and payment systems; getting access to the right financing to pay for these changes or upgrades is important. You want to provide the best possible experience and service to your clients. Consider financing to cover your everyday working capital needs.

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IT and Marketing Services

IT and Marketing Services

Whether you work as an IT or Marketing consultant, a Marketing consultant or manage a firm that provides these services, be sure you aren’t caught short with your financing needs.

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FAQs: Professional Services Business Loans

What is a professional services business loan?

A professional services business loan from National Funding is a loan specifically designed to fund professional services businesses. A professional business loan can be used towards purchasing office equipment, office spaces, supplies, and more. If you are ready to expand your business, upgrade your office or simply need funds for everyday professional expenses, a professional loan can help you meet your goals.

At National Funding, we make it simple to qualify for a professional services business loan by offering our application process online, plus it only takes a few minutes to fill out. We won’t ask for extensive paperwork or a huge backlog on bank statements; just the basics. One of our Loan Specialists will get back to you shortly after to ask you a few questions to get a better idea of your professional business.

Here at National Funding, we look at more than just your credit score to determine if you qualify for a loan. We offer alternative loan options for those who have bad credit and are in need of a loan. Bad credit shouldn’t stop you from having loan options available to you, so apply today to see if you qualify.