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Why 2013 is the year for small business funding

Due to the current state of the economy and the lack of financing from traditional lenders, like big banks, some may not think there is much hope of financing for small businesses, but they’d be wrong.  2013 is shaping up to be THE year for small business funding.  Check out our infographic below to learn more about Why 2013 Is The Year For Small Business Funding.

2013 Small Business Funding

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Why 2013 Is The Year for Small Business Funding

“The financial crisis led to severe tightening of accessible credit for businesses of all sizes in the United States and abroad, as the biggest lenders were forced to decrease corporate loan disbursement volumes.  However, this led to one of the most dramatic increases in alternative financial services popularity in history.”  - from “Alternative Lending Continues to Grow” by MicroBilt.com

Alternative Lenders are Crucial

Small businesses are the biggest job creators in the United States.  Alternative lenders are the most consistent in approving loans for small business owners.


Banks are beginning to increase their loan disbursement volumes, but it is still tough to get approved.  As of February 2013 – Big banks had only approved 16% of all applications for small businesses.

Alternative Lenders

In the same time alternative lenders approved 63.7% of all loan applications for small businesses.  This marks over 12 consecutive months of alternative lenders approving above the 60% threshold.

A business loan is much better option than maxing out a credit card, which charge high rates and have hidden fees.

“Business owners with solid business opportunities have no chance of getting a loan from a bank.  Even with the backing of an SBA guarantee, banks do not want to fund any loan that has an unwarranted risk…  Enter the alternative lender.”  - from “What To Do When Banks Won’t Lend To Your Small Business” by Forbes Magazine

Benefits of an Alternative Lender

Quick Processing

Alternative Lenders provide quicker turnarounds – this is a real time-saver when you need it.  Some alternative lenders can provide you with approved funds 24-48 hours.

Less Paperwork

Alternative lenders don’t have to deal with large amounts of red tape like banks do.  This means your application process is simple and fast.

Wider Credit Standards

Even if you have bad credit, an alternative lender will look at the value of you and your business as being an investment worth taking on.


Funds can be used in any way you need without having a bank look over your shoulder to dictate rules.  The loan can be used at your discretion and your timing.

2013 Is a Great Year to Grow Your Business

The United States is slowly recovering from the Recession, but that can mean great perks for those expanding their business right now.  2013 is a great year to expand a business because:

  • Slower-paced job growth means a larger population of job seekers, furnishing business owners with an ideal advantage of choosing the best qualified candidates for the job.
  • This is a great time to secure low prices on everything from inventory and materials to business equipment.  And because most businesses don’t have the ready cash, it is also a great time to find financing that fits your budget from a lender who wants to do business with you.

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