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Equipment Financing in Atlanta, Georgia

Expand your small business with equipment financing options offered by National Funding.

Equipment Financing Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is considered an “alpha city” among international cities – owed mainly to its incredible gross domestic product figure of $270 billion. This city offers a diverse and business-friendly economy that can help small business owners grow and thrive – regardless of the specific industry. With a supportive base of customers – and a lot of them, there is serious opportunity in this area for a small business owner who thinks strategically. The Atlanta metropolitan area includes over 5.5 million individuals, many of whom can benefit from your product or service. If you own or operate a small business in the Atlanta area and want to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competitors, you’ll need to partner with a reliable and respected source for business capital, small business financing, or equipment financing. Over the past 15 years at National Funding, we have provided small business financing solutions for a range of companies – and our guaranteed lowest payment promise is an exclusive benefit that we feels sets us apart from other solutions on the market today.

If you are seeking a way to expand your business and enhance the efficiency of your operation, you may want to consider acquiring new or pre-owned equipment, technology, or tools. While some small business owners like to purchase equipment outright, this philosophy reduces on hand cash and may prevent your business from adequately responding to last minute emergencies or timely opportunities. If you are looking for equipment financing in Atlanta, Georgia, you may want to consider one of our three lease options:

  • Purchase option: This is a more traditional lease that delivers low monthly payments and a more affordable repayment plan than a dollar by-out lease. Benefits of this purchase option are varied – you can purchase equipment at the current market value, you can renew the lease when you want to, and you can return the equipment. The ability to return the tools, technology, or equipment is important if it becomes less valuable or less ideal for your business.
  • Dollar Buy-Out lease: If you are looking for a lease option that allows you to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term, this is the choice for you! This option is perfect for companies that want the tax benefits of a lease but are confident that they’ll want to keep the equipment after the lease term. The equipment is then purchased for the nominal sum of $1.
  • High-cost equipment: most traditional lenders like banks and credit unions are leery about lending more than $100,000 to businesses that may not have a lot of equity on the balance sheet. At National Funding, we offer commercial leasing opportunities for a variety of equipment options that may cost more than $100,000. When you choose a high-limit option with us, you’ll find that these leases won’t negatively affect your company’s available credit – something that cannot be said for many high-cost financing options through banks or credit unions.

Equipment financing for your Atlanta-based business makes sense if you want the absolute best in tax advantages, the lowest monthly payments, and the ability to quickly and securely exchange your current equipment for the latest and most efficient options on the market today. Contact National Funding today and speak with one of our helpful representatives who can outline the entire financing process. We are excited to partner with you!


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