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Equipment Financing in Chicago, Illinois

Looking for equipment financing options to grow your small business in Chicago? National Funding has customized options for you to get started.

Equipment Financing Chicago

The massive metropolis of Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, with more than 2.7 million residents calling the city home. If you expand out to the entire Chicago metro area you’ll find 9.5 million people who live in close proximity to the city. This entire area is a major international center for commerce, technology, finance, and culture, and can provide your business with a real boost – provided you operate with a strategic vision and truly get to know what your market demands. One of the most important ways to operate as efficiently as possible and keep up with the wants and needs of your clients is to invest in new or pre-owned equipment for your business. While this is something that most business owners desire, many have been let down by the drawn-out application processes and low approval rates that are the hallmark of traditional lenders like banks or credit unions. If you are looking for equipment financing in Chicago and want a quick and affordable way to acquire the tools or technology that your business needs, contact the experts at National Funding today.

Securing equipment through a lease is a terrific way to add much needed capacity or efficiency to your business – and we’ve been providing equipment financing options to Chicago-based businesses for over fifteen years. There are several options available through National Funding, so choose the program that best fits the needs of your business and you’ll be set to dominate in the Chicago market! Choose from the following options:

  • Purchase option lease: Begin with a typical lease agreement that offers a quick approval process and low monthly payments. Then, enjoy three distinct options when the lease term ends – you can purchase the equipment at the fair market value, you can renew the lease for a new term, or you can return the equipment. If the value has dropped dramatically it may pay to return the equipment. You can also do so if it is no longer relevant to your business.
  • Dollar buy-out lease program: If you feel that your business can benefit from long term ownership of the equipment, our dollar buy-out lease allows you to purchase the equipment for $1 upon completion of the lease agreement.
  • High-cost equipment lease: Most traditional lenders like banks and credit unions prefer to lease or finance equipment that costs less than $100,000. This leaves significant opportunity for those businesses who need access to more expensive equipment, yet want to enjoy the benefits of a lease. Our high-cost lease options won’t negatively impact your equity position or your credit rating, and we can complete them quickly and securely – often in a matter of days.

The loan and lease experts at National Funding are ready to help you and your business thrive in the ultra-competitive Chicago market. With a massive and diverse base of customers that can help any business succeed, now is the time to draw more attention to your business and increase the level of value that you add back into the market. Contact us today, submit your application, and you could have your equipment completely financed in a matter of days!


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