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Equipment Financing in Dallas, Texas

National Funding provides equipment finance options so you can grow your Dallas-based small business into an industry leader in Texas’ third largest city.

Equipment Financing Dallas

Dallas sure has evolved a lot from its roots as an oil and cotton town. The city of Dallas has a population of nearly 1.2 million residents and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area boasts a resident count of over 6.8-million individuals. This massive population, when combined with the business-friendly nature of the state government of Texas, creates a highly lucrative environment in which businesses of all sizes can grow and thrive. If your company is located within this area, you’ll want to ensure that you give your business every opportunity to compete with other businesses in Dallas. With a gross domestic product figure in this metro area surpassing $420 billion, there is a huge concentration of commerce that must be accessed – and you’re the one to do it. Make sure that you compete effectively by partnering with a trusted source of small business loans and financing. At National Funding, we have been helping Dallas-based businesses succeed – and we’ve been doing so since the 1990’s.

One of the most effective decisions a business owner can make is to upgrade or replace existing machinery, tools, or technology with new or pre-owned units. This can help a business like yours run more efficiently, generate greater revenues, and keep up with competing businesses in Dallas. If you are looking for equipment financing in Dallas, you’ll want to take a look at our lease options. These programs are ideally suited for a variety of businesses and are flexible and accommodating – much more so than the kind of loans and leases you typically find through traditional lenders like banks or credit unions. The benefits of our equipment finance/lease programs are:

  • Our leases may help you qualify for the Section 179 tax deduction that is a major benefit of equipment financing in general. This part of the tax code allows most businesses to deduct a percentage of the lease amount, which effectively lowers the taxable income for the business. Lower taxes is always a good thing!
  • Financing equipment through National Funding will help you keep much-needed cash on hand to help you handle any last-minute financial issues that may come up. We’re able to help you acquire the equipment you need without reducing your level of liquid capital. This not only keeps you more secure in the event of an emergency expense, but it also allows you to jump on any last minute opportunities that may require upfront capital expenditures.
  • Financing offers you the ability to swap out your equipment at the end of the lease term without the hassles of having to sell tools, tech, or equipment. Simply renew the lease – or don’t! If you don’t we’ll help you arrange financing on a new piece of equipment in the same manner as the original unit.

Equipment financing makes so much sense for so many Dallas-based businesses, and yours will certainly benefit from the efficiency boost that is often the result of introducing new equipment. Contact us today to start the application process, and see why National Funding is a leader in the equipment leasing field. From a quick and simply application process with same day approvals, to funding in a matter of days, we’re the clear choice for equipment financing in Dallas.


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