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Equipment Financing in Houston, Texas

Houston is a growing city, size and industry wide. Grow your Houston-based business by financing equipment with National Funding.

Equipment Financing Houston

Houston is the largest city in Texas based on population – boasting more than 2.1-million residents within the city limits. Expand beyond the city and venture out into the Houston metropolitan area and the number of residents blossoms to over 6 million. The city of Houston was named after Sam Houston, and has grown into a major hub for commerce, transportation, finance, and technology. With a range of industries calling Houston home, there is an incredible amount of opportunity for smart business owners to grow their companies and take a share of the lucrative Houston market. One of the most important characteristics of a smart business owner is the ability to establish key partnerships with companies that can provide support during the growth stages of a business. One example of this type of relationship is that between the company and a small business lender. And, one way that small business lenders can help is by providing financing or leasing programs that allow companies to acquire new or pre-owned equipment at affordable terms. At National Funding, we’re committed to providing equipment financing in Houston – and we’ve been doing so for over fifteen years.

Initiating an equipment lease is often cited as one of the smartest moves a business owner can make. New or used equipment can help your business more effectively manage customer orders, process materials more quickly, or can even help you access markets that you never thought were possible. At National Funding, we offer three distinct lease types that each offer a host of benefits. Choose from the following lease options to help you secure the equipment and technology that you need to succeed in the Houston market:

  • Purchase option lease: this lease is similar to a traditional lease program and offers low payments and three distinct options once the lease terms ends. First, you can simply return the equipment at the end of the lease – which is a terrific choice for businesses who think that the value of the equipment will have decreased over the lease term, or for those who simply don’t need the equipment anymore. You can also choose to renew the lease, or purchase it at the current market value at the time of lease expiration. The purchase option lease is generally the most affordable choice.
  • Dollar Buy-Out Lease: This program allows you to take advantage of all of the benefits of leasing, while retaining the option to purchase your specific piece of equipment at the end of the lease for $1. If you know you want to keep the equipment and that it will continue to provide service, this option makes sense.
  • High Cost Equipment: Commercial leasing programs for equipment that is valued at more than $100k are difficult to obtain – until now! We not only offer lease programs for high value equipment, but these leases won’t negatively affect your business’ credit capacity. Competitive terms and affordable payments will fit into any budget.

If you are considering financing or leasing equipment to help your business more effectively compete in the Houston area, you’ll want to reach out to the experts at National Funding today. Our knowledgeable loan and lease representatives are ready to help you secure the equipment, technology, or tools that you need to elevate your business to the next level of success. Don’t hesitate – contact us today!


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