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Equipment Financing in Miami, Florida

National Funding provides equipment lease financing for small businesses in Miami, so you can profit sooner without spending your savings first.

Equipment Financing Miami

Miami is one of the most exciting cities in America – with a diverse base of residents, a bustling city life, incredible nightlife, and a climate that is stereotypically tropical. Think palm trees, white sand beaches, rhythmic music late into the night, and exciting local residents. But Miami isn’t just a party town – no, this city spans 55 square miles yet has nearly 420,000 inhabitants. The entire metro area is the fourth largest urban area in the country and includes 5.5 million individuals. Miami is ranked as the richest city in America and the fifth richest in the world. For the small business owner who wants to make a splash in this beautiful city, the customer base is certainly there. To truly drive results, though, you’ll want to partner with a few key entities – one being a responsive and reliable source for business capital. And, if your company is in need of new or pre-owned equipment to help increase output and efficiency, you’ll want to take advantage of National Funding’s lease programs. These lease options will help your business to maximize its potential, meet the demands of the highly competitive Miami market, and continue to gain market share and a strong customer base.

While some business owners buy equipment using cash, and others may assume a traditional installment loan to pay for new technology, financing equipment is a truly smart move to make when you’re considering bringing on a new piece of equipment to the business. Leasing offers several advantages over purchasing, including:

  • Leasing keeps your working cash in the bank – where it can work for you if you come across a lucrative opportunity. You’ll also want to keep enough cash on hand to effectively manage any last minute expenses or emergency costs that may come up during the course of the year. Leasing keeps your cash free to work for you.
  • The U.S. tax code offers a deduction called the Section 179 tax break. Section 179 allows you to reduce your business tax liability by writing off a portion of an equipment lease. Consult your tax advisor for additional information regarding this deduction.
  • Leasing allows for greater flexibility than a purchase deal when it comes to dispositioning your machinery after prolonged use. With a purchase, you’re stuck with the equipment at the end of the lease term. A traditional lease allows you to return your equipment and move on, or you can either extend the lease or purchase the piece of equipment for the fair market value.

Equipment financing provides a host of benefits that make it a compelling alternative to a standard purchase agreement. Instead of tying up your hard earned cash by buying equipment outright, secure a lease through National Funding and position your company for success. If you are looking for equipment financing in Miami, you’ll want to contact us today. We have been helping Miami-based businesses grow and prosper since 1999 – and we can help you, too!


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