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Equipment Financing in Phoenix, Arizona

National Funding provides equipment financing services to small business in Phoenix, so you can focus on growth rather than worry about up-front costs.

Equipment Financing Phoenix

With nearly 1.5 million residents in the city of Phoenix and another three million across the Valley of the Sun, this area represents the 13th largest metropolitan group in the nation. It was settled in the late 1860’s near the Salt and Gila Rivers, and has grown in population at an amazing rate since then. Undeterred by the extreme summer heat and dry desert topography, settlers knew that Phoenix was destined for greatness – and today it is a city that is experiencing rapid economic gains across a variety of industries. If you own or operate a small business in the city of Phoenix, or in the greater metropolitan area known as the Valley of the Sun, you’ll want to partner with a reliable and trusted source for small business capital, loans, and leases – a lender like National Funding. Since 1999, National Funding has worked with small businesses like yours to create financial solutions that build upon all of the hard work you’ve already put into your business. We custom tailor loans and leases to help you maximize efficiencies, reduce your monthly outlay, and create new opportunities by acquiring tools, equipment, and new technologies. If you are looking for equipment financing in Phoenix, you’ll find that National Funding has the lease and finance programs that will help you get the equipment you need – at affordable terms that simply make sense.

Strategically adding a piece of new or pre-owned equipment to your business can make a tremendous impact on the operating efficiency of your total operation. No matter what business type you manage, you’ll find that your company will operate more effectively and may even be able to more easily target parts of your market that you had previously considered off-limits. Acquiring equipment has never been easier thanks to National Funding, and here’s how it works:

  • First, simply apply online via our intuitive website. The application for equipment financing is quick and easy to complete, as it only asks you for the information that we need to make a responsible lending decision. Complete this part and you’ll receive a nearly-instant decision. This will tell you whether you are approved – and for how much!
  • After the application, simply provide us with the required supporting documents and we will then be able to finalize your equipment financing offer. This part is fairly painless, as we streamline the entire underwriting process to help you acquire your needed equipment in no time.
  • Once the application and documentation process is complete, we will fund your equipment finance deal – and that means it is time to take delivery of your new piece of equipment, tools, or technology. You’ll be ready to start operating more efficiently within days of applying for your finance program.

At National Funding, our goal is to make your life easier by custom-tailoring loan and lease packages to fit your specific needs. Applying takes only minutes, and the benefits of introducing new or pre-owned equipment to your business line can be felt immediately. Contact us today to start the process – and see just how easy it is to partner and finance with National Funding.


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