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Equipment Leasing in Dallas, Texas

Small businesses in Dallas look to National Funding for their new equipment leasing. Contact our leasing experts in Dallas today for more information.

Equipment Leasing Dallas

Dallas is a major city in Texas that has emerged as a major epicenter for economic growth and the entire country is taking notice. Thanks to a booming real estate market, construction jobs in the city are growing, and small businesses are following suit. Whether you run a new business or are a Dallas mainstay, there are a few steps that must be taken to remain current in this highly competitive city. One step you can take is sourcing and partnering with a reputable lender of small business capital. By doing so early on, there is less of a chance that you will make a hasty financial decision that can prove to be quite harmful down the road. After all, the best time to apply for and secure business financing is before you desperately need it and it becomes too late.

If you own or operate a small business and are looking to position yourself as the most competitive option in the Dallas area, you may want to consider leasing equipment through National Funding. Leasing new or pre-owned equipment allows you to work with the newest technology in the industry without spending your capital reserves. Leasing also offers the potential for tremendous tax savings and benefits beyond improving your business cash flow. You’ll want to confer with a qualified tax advisor to see what your specific tax benefits may be based on the price of the equipment you lease, the loan terms, and your specific area in which you do business.

Leasing through National Funding couldn’t be simpler. In fact, one of the biggest headaches a small business owner may face is the process of applying for a business lease through traditional lending sources – like banks or credit unions. These entities are known for their drawn out application steps, low approval rates (most banks turn down more people than they approve), and inflexible loan terms. When time is of the essence, there is no wiggle room – and waiting weeks or months to finalize a small business lease can be disastrous for your business. At National Funding, we aim to deliver a decision in as little as 24 hours after you complete the simply online application. After we collect a few basic pieces of documentation we are typically able to fund your equipment lease in a matter of days. When timeframes are tight and you finally find the piece of equipment that you feel will help your company grow, we will be there to help.

National Funding offers equipment leasing to a variety of industries, from construction to restaurants, and more. So apply today and see just how simple it is to acquire the equipment lease that your company needs. You’ll enjoy the comfort and stability of more flexible cash flow, and our same-day approvals and quick turnarounds will help your company purchase the tools it needs to remain as competitive as possible in the Dallas area – and beyond! We are ready to help, so contact us today to take the first step in finalizing your equipment lease.


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