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Equipment Leasing in Portland, Oregon

National Funding offers equipment leasing services for small businesses in Portland. Start benefiting from it now, and grow your business faster.

Equipment Leasing Portland

According to USA Today, Oregon has the third fastest growing economy in the U.S., and Portland is at the heart of this meteoric rise. With a reputation for a vibrant populace of hard-working, environmentally conscious, and locally-proud individuals, Portland boasts over 600,000 residents that combine with neighboring major cities to create a metropolitan area of over 2.3 million people. This means that there is an incredible amount of opportunity for small business owners in the area to connect with a diverse group of customers and businesses to drive sales and increase bottom line results. Hard work is important, but your small business needs to operate strategically to truly get ahead in this area – and you’ll need flexible cash reserves in case you want to explore new opportunities or respond to an emergency. One way to help your business compete more effectively in the Portland market is by acquiring new or pre-owned equipment that can help improve efficiencies or allow access to new markets. While this is important, it can cause a cash-poor situation for many businesses that choose to purchase versus lease – with some companies actually liquidating all of their available cash to complete the equipment purchase. This can be dangerous for companies that operate with thin profit margins, or those who need to rely on a steady supply of cash to manage slower times. The better choice is leasing equipment through a customized lease program at National Funding.

Equipment leasing with National Funding makes business sense and saves money. With the choice of leasing new or pre-owned equipment, your company will keep the cash on hand that it needs while retaining the option to trade in tooling or equipment for a newer product anytime. And with great tax savings and benefits, you’ll make a wise choice when you select an equipment lease through National Funding.

One of the first mistakes that most small business owners make when they’re looking to secure an equipment lease is going directly to a traditional lender like a bank or credit union. These entities are wired differently than an innovative lender like us – and they tend to make the entire process of acquiring a business loan or equipment lease a much more tedious proposition. At National Funding, we ask you to complete a quick and simple  application that helps us to custom tailor a lease for your specific needs. Then we’ll gather some basic documentation that allows us to establish a lease approval for your business – with specific terms and flexible payment arrangements designed to work within your business’ budget. After your application is complete we’ll aim to fund your new lease in a matter of days, which means you can acquire the equipment and tools you need to compete effectively in the market.

We are excited to partner with you – so reach out to one of our leasing experts today and see if your business is a good fit – we offer same day approvals and flexible terms, and we’ve been supporting small business owners in the Portland area for over 15 years. Contact us today to get started!


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