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Equipment Leasing in Seattle, Washington

Small businesses in Seattle are using National Funding's equipment leasing services to expand the business.

Equipment Leasing Seattle

Seattle is a city that thrives on being just a little different. So many movements, fads, and trends have started in this dynamic city that is the seat of King County. One of the most compelling reasons why this city is such a driver of small businesses is the fact that it is the fastest growing major city in the nation. As the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle offers a huge market of people to serve. But we know it takes a lot to get ahead, and that includes working with the best equipment available today. If you’re looking to purchase equipment for your business, you may want to investigate if leasing is a better option. Leasing offers a range of benefits for small businesses that purchasing does not, with two major pluses being better flexibility and choice.

Acquiring new or pre-owned equipment is often a smart move for any growing company, but you must take into consideration the way you plan on securing this equipment. Some companies purchase tools, technology, and equipment with cash. While this does minimize the amount of revolving or installment debt on a company’s financials, it can also seriously hamper cash flow and may leave the business in a dangerous situation – one in which the company may not be able to manage unforeseen expenses or emergencies. Another option is to purchase equipment using a business loan. While this is an option that some business select, this plan leaves the company holding the cards if the equipment suddenly becomes outdated or the business owners want to change tooling before the service life of the machine is complete. With equipment leasing through National Funding, you’ll be able to acquire the tools and equipment that you need, without having to give up your hard-earned cash on hand. And, you have the flexibility to choose from either new or pre-owned units. Lastly, an equipment lease provides a greater ability to upgrade your choice of machinery if you find that your present model isn’t sufficient anymore.

Purchasing equipment forces a heavy credit burden on your company that might get in the way of exploring new opportunities or responding to emergencies. On top of that, by the time the equipment is paid off it might be obsolete compared to newer products. Leasing with National Funding offers you the chance to work with new or pre-owned tools at a good price, flexible terms and quick turnarounds. At National Funding, we serve a variety of industries – from manufacturing to retail, service to academics. There’s never been a better time to secure equipment finance – and your Seattle-based business will undoubtedly see a major lift in performance and efficiency when you equip your team with the latest high-performance machinery, tools, and equipment. When you are ready to take the first step in acquiring the equipment you need, simply reach out to the experts at National Funding. Our dedicated loan specialists will help you configure an equipment lease that will preserve your cash and improve the functionality of your entire operation. Contact us today to get started!


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