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Merchant Cash Advance in Chicago, Illinois

Small businesses in Chicago rely on National Funding as a trusted financial partner to help them achieve their goals through merchant cash advances.

Merchant Cash Advance Chicago

With nearly 3 million residents and an average of 40 million visitors per year, lots of people think there’s plenty to love about Chicago. From their sports teams to world-class museums, The City That Works also enjoys a thriving network of small businesses, each vying for the top spot in their industry. Make your Chicago-based small business soar by partnering with National Funding for your financial needs. By utilizing their cash advance loans, you can streamline your credit card sales into cash to re-invest in your business right away.

Merchant cash advances from National Funding can be acquired in as little as 3 business days by small businesses that have been open for at least a year and accept credit cards as payment. Plus, with no invoices, restrictions on how the cash is spent, or fixed payback deadlines, National Funding makes it easy to turn your credit card sales into cash. Some of the benefits of National Funding’s business cash advances are automatic paybacks, fast approvals, and no prepayment penalties. See how National Funding can help your small business grow by applying today.


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