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Merchant Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Merchant Services Atlanta

As an Atlanta-based small business owner, you certainly understand that it takes a lot of work to remain competitive in this growing metropolitan area. Atlanta is rapidly growing – quickly working its way towards a half a million residents, each one representing a unique opportunity for your business. When you radius out to the larger Atlanta metropolitan area, more than 5.5 million individuals make up the ninth largest metropolitan area in the country. Atlanta is a major transportation hub for railroads, air travel, and national highways – making it an ideal location in which to grow your unique business. When it comes to providing your company with every possible opportunity in the Atlanta area, you want to ensure that you integrate merchant service options into your day-to-day operations. At National Funding, we offer a comprehensive suite of merchant services options that will help you more effectively interact with your target market.

When the average business owner thinks of merchant services, they traditionally think of a credit card swipe terminal in a retail storefront. This is certainly the most visible and prevalent form of merchant service – but there’s more! Our hardware and software packages allow you to do so much more than accept credit and debit cards from your customers. In fact our merchant services packages include:

  • Credit card processing – more than 80% of point of sale transactions in the US involve either a credit or debit card. Businesses that rely solely on cash are leaving significant profits on the table by not providing the customer with their preferred payment option, and that means the competition will fill that need every time. Our low credit card processing rates keep more money in your pocket.
  • Check processing – while the majority of transactions these days are conducted electronically, it pays to allow your customers to continue to write paper checks if they so desire. But, our hardware and software options enable you to process checks through the merchant services interface – reducing the likelihood of accepting a bad check from a customer.
  • PIN debit – a large share of the population uses debit cards for daily purchases. Make sure that you are fully equipped to support the needs of your customer base by integrating a merchant services program through National Funding.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs – gift cards have long been considered as efficient, flexible, and thoughtful purchases, so add flexibility to your product offerings and integrate customized gift cards at your place of business. You can also create loyalty programs that encourage repeat business, and we will provide the hardware and software to support your choice of customized loyalty program.
  • Credit card processing machines and software – we provide the hardware and software that you need to get up and running quickly. In fact, you’ll be able to start accepting credit cards, debit cards, processing checks, and even creating gift cards or loyalty cards in no time at all. If you already have an existing credit card processing machine, contact us today – we may be able to provide better services at a lower price.

If you own or operate in Atlanta – based business and want to provide your customer base with the flexibility and convenience of merchant processing services, contact the experts today! At National Funding, we provide the absolute best in merchant services in Atlanta to enable your customers to quickly and easily pay for goods and services through your business.


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