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Merchant Services in Austin, Texas

Merchant Services Austin

Austin is the capital of Texas, and the seat of Travis County. Austin has become a huge city – currently ranking as the 11th largest in the US, and the fourth largest in Texas based on population. As of 2013, Austin had a population of just under 900,000 residents – and the greater metropolitan area boasts a population of nearly 1.9 million. Austin is a major center for Fortune 500 companies, with nearly a dozen headquarters for these businesses located within the city. But Austin is also highly lucrative for small business owners, as a diverse mix of customers and prospective employees – as well as a business friendly local government, combine to create the ideal environment in which to grow a business. If you own or operate a small business within the city limits of Austin – or within the Austin–Round Rock metropolitan area, you will want to make sure that your business is positioned to compete as effectively as possible with other local companies. One of the big differentiators is the customer experience, which can be partially driven by your choice of merchant services.

Once customers are preparing to pay for your goods or services, they will choose to use a debit or credit card more than 80% of the time. While cash certainly isn’t 100% obsolete these days, it is certainly fading into obscurity for the majority of businesses today. If you don’t currently accept credit or debit cards at your storefront, you are likely leaving significant sums of money on the table – or turning customers towards your local competitors. In fact, studies have shown that small businesses that do not accept credit or debit cards as payment options may be leaving as much as $100 billion on the table each year. Partner with the experts at National Funding and you will see just how beneficial a top-quality merchant services program can be for your business. Our merchant account services package includes a host of flexible options that will help your customers feel more secure about their purchase. Examples of these services include:

  • Credit card processing – quickly and easily accept credit cards from your customers. This will likely increase your average ticket sale and speed up the entire process of accepting payment from your customer. Plus, reducing the amount of cash you need to keep on hand at your business enhances your sense of security.
  • Check processing – merchant processing services often include the ability to accept checks from customers while simultaneously conducting check verification processes that help minimize the sting of receiving bad checks.
  • PIN debit – the ability to accept debit cards is a huge benefit for businesses these days. The majority of customers use either a credit or debit card to complete their purchases, and the debit card has emerged as an incredibly popular tool among a wide range of clients today.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs – drive repeat business and create enhanced loyalty for your company by offering your clients the ability to purchase customized gift cards at point-of-sale. Loyalty programs are also available, and will be supported by our hardware and software solutions to help you attract customers and provide an attractive alternative to your competitors.
  • Credit card processing hardware and software – you don’t have to be a major corporation or huge organization to take advantage of credit card processing services. In fact we can help set up your small business with a top-quality credit card processing machine and all related software to enable you to begin accepting cards in no time.

At National Funding, we take pride in partnering with small businesses just like yours to provide merchant services that are often less expensive and of a higher quality than our competition. Make sure that your Austin-based small business is positioned for success – contact us today to get started!


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