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Merchant Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Merchant Services Charlotte

If you own or operate a small business in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, you know that this fast-growing metropolitan area is a terrific place in which to grow a business. But Charlotte is also a competitive environment that demands a lot of it small business owners. If you fail to offer the appropriate products, services, and overall client experience that Charlotte residence demand, you may find yourself in trouble quickly. One of the most important aspects of running a small business is providing your clients with a quick and simple way to pay for their goods and services – and that means ensuring you have merchant service solutions at the ready. Merchant services includes a wide variety of basic business services, and the experts at National Funding are able to create a merchant services package that will help your business compete effectively in the Charlotte area – and beyond.

If you have never offered your clients the ability to pay with a credit card or debit card, you’ve probably been leaving significant sales and profits on the table. In fact, studies have shown that small businesses lose nearly $100 billion per year in sales due to lack of flexible payment solutions for their clients. And, more than 80% of purchases today are conducted electronically – meaning that cash is not the king it used to be. Don’t worry if you aren’t a huge national chain or massive organization, companies of all sizes will benefit from integrating top-quality merchant services packages into their point-of-sale systems. We offer a variety of merchant services that can be customized to meet your basic needs and those of your clients:

  • Credit card processing – quickly, securely, and efficiently accept credit cards from your clients and get ready to see a lift in average ticket price, overall sales, and a reduction in transaction times.
  • Check processing – merchant services includes so much more than simply accepting credit cards, you also be able to accept checks from customers with ease. And accepting checks doesn’t have to be risky like it used to be – our verification services help you weed out bad checks and problematic clients.
  • PIN debit – a large share of clients today choose to present a debit card at point-of-sale. Make sure that you are equipped to handle this payment type by integrating our merchant services terminal at your business.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs – how impressive will it be when you can offer gift cards to your clients to use as thoughtful gifts? Or, create loyalty programs that will help you drive more sales and improve repeat business. These offerings are easily managed through our merchant services program.
  • Credit card processing hardware and software – we will quickly and affordably provide you with all of the hardware and software you need to begin accepting credit and debit cards almost immediately. This hardware and software will also enable you to create gift cards and loyalty card programs in no time at all.

At National Funding, our merchant services programs are designed to help you more effectively and efficiently grow your business. In fact, simply having one of our merchant systems in place may enable you to take advantage of lucrative funding programs like our merchant cash advance – a flexible and affordable way to provide upfront business capital for your organization. With customer demand being so high these days for electronic payment options at point-of-sale, you simply cannot afford not to integrate our incredible merchant services programs into your Charlotte-based business.


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