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Merchant Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Merchant Services Cleveland

Whether you call Cleveland “The Forest City,” the “Sixth City,” or simply “C-Town,” you know how lucrative this area can be for the business owner that understands the local clientele. Cleveland is the county seat of Cuyahoga County, and is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie – just 60 miles from the Pennsylvania border. A diverse economy includes sectors such as financial services, biomedical, healthcare, and manufacturing. A population of nearly 400,000 people in the city of Cleveland, and nearly 3.5 million in the greater metropolitan area, provides a significant customer base that can support a range of small businesses. It is important to understand the specific needs of your target market, as well as the basic expectations that your customers have for your business. Research has shown that simple, secure, and flexible payment options can contribute greatly to the customer experience, regardless of industry. To ensure that you remain as competitive as possible, you’ll want to integrate affordable and reliable merchant services for your Cleveland-based business.

At National Funding, we offer a comprehensive suite of merchant services programs that will help you provide flexible payment solutions for your clients. Studies have shown that more than 80% of domestic purchase transactions are conducted using either a debit card or credit card. This points to the obsolescence of cash as a payment option these days, and reinforces the importance of offering your clients the ability to use their credit or debit card when purchasing goods or services from your business. We offer customized merchant services solutions that can be tailored to your exact needs, while remaining affordable, flexible, and engineered to support your business growth. The following are some of the services that are included to our merchant program:

  • Credit card processing – permit your customers to use their credit card at your business and you’ll find that a greater percentage of the buying public will want to do business with your company. Companies that only offer cash transactions severely restrict their ability to capture a sufficient share of their market.
  • Check processing – accept checks with confidence through our check processing program. We offer security features and verification protocols but help to reduce or even eliminate chargebacks or the acceptance of bad checks. While the number of checks written on a daily basis continues to shrink, you’ll want to ensure that you are positioned to accommodate any clients that choose this payment method.
  • PIN debit – debit cards are as popular as credit cards among consumers today, as they are secure, simple, and provide clients with a more efficient alternative to writing checks. Make sure that you are ready to accept debit cards through your business with our merchant services packages.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs – think about the marketing effectiveness and benefit to your business if you could sell customized gift cards. Well, now you can! As part of our merchant services program, you’ll be able to create custom gift cards that virtually ensure future business for your company. Also, loyalty card programs are wildly popular among consumers today, and you will be able to accommodate the desires of your target markets by creating loyalty card initiatives for your business.

Failing to establish a safe, secure, and affordable merchant services program for your business is no longer an option in today’s fast-moving economy. Competition in the Cleveland, Ohio area can be fierce – so don’t put your business in a position where it cannot effectively compete with other local companies. Your clients and prospective customers demand the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to payment options, so take advantage of our merchant services programs and get a leg up on your competition. Contact us today to get started.


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