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Merchant Services in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Merchant Services Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas, Texas is a vibrant city that is propelled forward by an economy that is based primarily in commerce, banking, telecom, computer technology, healthcare and medical, and transportation and logistics. The city has grown into a powerful industrial and financial center, and is well served by a convergence of interstate highways, major railroad lines, and airport hubs. With a population of nearly 1.2 million residents in the city alone – as well as nearly seven million individuals within the Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington metropolitan area, Dallas is ideally suited for small business owners who want to see significant and long-lasting success. But with this opportunity comes the need to compete as effectively as possible, as customers tend to demand affordable prices, quick and easy transactions, and a memorable customer experience from their Dallas – based businesses.

One of the most important components to the overall customer experience is the range of payment options that are available to the customer. Businesses that only operate on a cash basis severely limit themselves and often drive customers away due to the inconvenience of not accepting electronic forms of payment. If you want to compete with other local businesses and emerge victorious, you’ll want to integrate technology – laden, efficient, and affordable merchant solutions for your Dallas business. At National Funding, we offer a range of merchant services solutions that will help your business grow and thrive, regardless of the industry. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Credit card processing – allow your customers to use their credit card at point-of-sale and you’ll help improve your sales, profits, and repeat business metrics. Nearly 80% of clients today use either a credit or debit card when making purchases, so make sure that they are able to do so quickly and easily at your business.
  • Check processing – just because the majority of payments today are taken electronically doesn’t mean that paper checks don’t frequently present themselves. To help minimize your risk of accepting a bad check, we integrate electronic verification protocols that help validate payer information to enable you to make a quick decision as to whether or not to accept a check.
  • PIN debit – accepting debit cards seems like a no-brainer today, but there are still a fair share of businesses that operate on a cash only basis. In order to remain as competitive as possible it is crucial to accept not only credit cards but also debit cards. PIN-based transactions may also allow customers to receive cash back, and added benefit to doing business with you.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs – virtually guarantee repeat business by selling gift cards that sport your company name or logo. These can be sold at point-of-sale through your National Funding merchant services terminal, and make terrific gifts for high-value prospects and valued customers. Create your own customized loyalty program and we will help supported through personalized loyalty cards that can be used through your merchant services terminal.
  • Credit card processing machines and software – we can provide all of the hardware and software that you will need to begin accepting credit and debit cards, accepting checks, and creating gift cards and loyalty cards. Our prices are virtually unbeatable, and our transaction rates are incredibly low. This means that you will keep more of the money that you’ve earned through the day-to-day operations of your business.

We are excited to partner with you to create a merchant services solution for your Dallas-based business. If you are looking for merchant services in Dallas, simply contact us today and we will begin the process of establishing your merchant account. You will be up and running in no time, able to accept payments in a matter of days. Even if you currently use merchant services through another organization, contact us today as we may be able to offer better service at a lower price.


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