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Merchant Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Merchant Services Jacksonville

If you own or operate a small business in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, you know that there are tremendous opportunities in this area for small business owners who operate efficiently and with the customer in mind at all times. So whether you refer to Jacksonville as “Jax,” “the River City,” or “J-Ville,” make sure that your business is position for success by providing your clients with not only the products and services they require – but also simple and accommodating payment options to complete their purchase. When you are working within a city that has an estimated population of over 840,000 residents, you’ll need to do everything you can to differentiate yourself from your competition. In fact, Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by population and the largest city by land area across the entire United States. Tourism is a major industry in Jacksonville, as well as insurance, logistics, healthcare, and banking. When you are ready to take your small business to the next level, partner with National Funding for your merchant services needs. You will be able to provide payment options for your clients that will make it easy to do business with you and your company.

At National Funding, we offer a range of merchant services in Jacksonville – including:

  • Credit card processing – with more than 80% of domestic sales transactions occurring electronically, businesses that only accept cash have truly positioned themselves at a disadvantage. Our credit card processing services will allow you to accept credit cards from your clients, which will help you capture a greater percentage of your target market.
  • Check processing – while individuals are writing checks these days at a lower rate than they did in the past, you’ll still want to provide a full range of payment options to all of yours clients. One of the weak points of the traditional paper check, though, is that it provides some danger to the business owner. Our check processing services include verification protocols that help eliminate bad checks and potential losses.
  • PIN debit – accepting debit cards is a crucial part of any business owner’s payment offerings. Many customers today use their debit cards in lieu of writing checks – or instead of using a credit card. Many high school and college age consumers use debit cards because they don’t yet have a credit card, so you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared to capture this business.
  • Gift card and loyalty card programs – one of the best ways to ensure future business for your company is by offering and selling custom tailored gift cards that sport your company name or logo. You will increase the notion that your business is a professional and high-tech organization by offering gift cards, as well as some sort of loyalty rewards program. Our merchant services offerings will support both of these initiatives.
  • Credit card processing machines and software – to better enable you to accept credit and debit cards, our point-of-sale hardware and software solutions are simple to use, highly reliable, and quite affordable. Even if you already use point-of-sale or merchant services through another provider, we are often able to provide better services at a lower price.

Contact us today, and see just how effective our PCI-compliant, simple to use, and highly affordable merchant processing terminals really are. You will be able to accept payments from your customers via debit card, credit card, checks, – and of course, cash, in a safe and secure manner. We are excited to partner with you to help you grow your business through our custom tailored merchant services programs. Contact one of our Merchant Account Services experts today!


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