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Merchant Services in Los Angeles, California

Merchant Services Los Angeles

Los Angeles, which is pretty much always referred to by locals as L.A., is a sprawling city that boasts a population of nearly 4 million individuals. The greater Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to over 17 million residents – many of them representing a diverse group of individuals, both culturally and socioeconomically. Los Angeles is a terrific place in which to own and operate a small business, but it takes a strong business leader to compete effectively with the hundreds, even thousands, of other small businesses in the L.A. Metro area. Whether your business is located on the East Side, in the San Fernando Valley, near the Harbor, in the Wilshire district, or in Hollywood, you’ll enjoy tremendous opportunity regardless of your industry. One thing that L.A. residents demand is quick efficient service and flexible payment options – cash is certainly not king in the City of Angels. Simply put, you’ll want to outfit your business with high quality, affordable merchant services solutions to enable your clients to pay for your goods or services with ease.

At National Funding, we offer a wide variety of merchant services options that will help your business compete effectively among other Los Angeles-based businesses. If you are looking for merchant services in Los Angeles, including credit card processing, you’ll want to reach out to one of our Merchant Account Services experts today. Our services include:

  • Credit card processing – allow your customers to quickly and easily complete purchases with their credit card, and you’ll see an increase in satisfied clients and average ticket prices, and a reduction in the time it takes to complete a transaction. With nearly 80% of domestic consumer purchases being completed with either a credit or debit card these days, you simply cannot afford not to offer credit cards as an acceptable payment through your business.
  • Check processing – while not as popular as it once was, writing checks is still a viable payment solution for a specific group of consumers today. The problem is, checks can present a problem for business owners because they are often considered less secure than a credit or debit card transaction. Our merchant services programs offer check verification protocols and built in security features that help minimize your risk of accepting a bad check.
  • PIN debit – get ready to accept debit cards as payments from your customers and you’ll be one step closer to capturing a greater share of your target market. Debit cards are used by a huge percentage of the buying population, and any business that is not equipped to accept debit cards will be seen as old-fashioned and outdated by today’s average consumer.
  • Gift cards and loyalty programs – enhance the visibility of your brand by creating customized gift cards that can be sold through your retail storefront or e-commerce site. These gift cards virtually guarantee future sales and will make terrific gifts that will help drive new customers and existing clients into your business. Loyalty programs are also quite popular these days, so get creative and design a program that will help you drive in repeat business on a monthly basis. Our hardware and software solutions will support both your gift card and loyalty card programs.
  • Credit card processing machines and software – as a full service merchant services provider, we provide all of the hardware and software that you will need to begin accepting a wide range of payment options. From the actual point-of-sale terminals to the PC-based support software, we will provide everything you need to get started, all at a minimal upfront investment – and with incredibly low interchange rates.

At National Funding, we are committed to providing your business with the merchant services hardware and software solutions that you need to compete effectively in the Los Angeles area. Opportunity abounds in L.A., but you must tailor your business to the needs of your target market. Contact us today and we will help you to create a customized merchant services program that will drive even greater bottom-line results.


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