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Merchant Services in Miami, Florida

Merchant Services Miami

Miami is a vibrant and exciting city that offers an incredible amount of culture, fashion, and recreational activities. But Miami is much more than a party town – it is also a major center for finance, entertainment, media, and international trade, and it offers incredible opportunities for small business owners who want to stake their claim in the area. With about 5.5 million residents within the Miami Metro area, there is no shortage of clients and prospective customers. Plus, Miami is known as the “Cruise Capital of the World,” which means that hundreds of thousands of visitors each year can help support your business. One of the most important aspects to capturing a greater share of your target market is the ability to provide a full suite of payment options for your clients. In other words, businesses that only allow cash payments are severely limiting their potential to grow. With more than 80% of consumer transactions being conducted via either a debit or credit card these days, you will want to partner with an effective and affordable provider of merchant services in Miami.

At National Funding, we offer a comprehensive suite of merchant services programs that will help you provide an unparalleled customer experience within your industry. Examples of our services include:

  • Credit card processing – take advantage of the prevalence of the credit card in today’s economy and set your business up for success by allowing your customers to use their credit card to purchase goods or services. For a tiny interchange fee, you will be able to accept quick and secure payments on customers – with the next day funds availability.
  • Check processing – just because the world seems to run on electronic payments these days, it doesn’t mean that individuals have completely given up on writing paper checks. In fact, paper checks still account for a fair share of payments for many businesses, so you’ll want to use our merchant services programs to mitigate check fraud and bad checks whenever possible. While it is impossible to reduce paper check risk to zero, we can help you minimize the risk and satisfy as many customers as possible.
  • PIN debit – if you were to look at the wallets of 100 customers today, you’d probably find between 90 and 95 debit cards among them. The prevalence of the debit card today is an important factor, because you will look old-fashioned and behind the times if you are not set up to accept them. Some customers use their debit cards in lieu of checks, while others reserve them for certain expenses. Either way, you will want to be able to accept debit cards at point-of-sale.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs – market your business effectively and virtually ensure future business by selling personalized gift cards at point-of-sale. Gift cards make tremendously effective gifts and are quite popular these days, so make sure that you take advantage of this fervor by signing up for our merchant services program today. Beyond gift cards, you will also be able to create rewards programs and related rewards cards to help drive repeat business and market your company effectively.
  • Credit card processing machines and related software – at National Funding, we provide all of the hardware and software that you will need to begin accepting electronic payments in no time. From the point-of-sale terminals to the related software, you’ll have everything you need to create a positive payment experience for your clients. Low upfront costs and minimal interchange fees make our merchant services and unbeatable deal.

If you are looking for merchant services in Miami and want to partner with a leader in the field, contact one of our Merchant Processing Experts today. At National Funding, we take pride in delivering top-quality and cost-effective, merchant services hardware and software solutions to small businesses of all types. Simply complete the application above or contact us today to get started!


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