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Merchant Services in New York City, New York

Merchant Services New York City

In the “City That Never Sleeps”, you really don’t want to be caught napping when it comes to providing your customers with the perfect shopping experience. New York City boasts more than 8.5 million residents within just 305 square miles, making it the most densely populated major city in the country. New York City is truly a global powerhouse and levies tremendous influence upon finance, art, fashion, media, technology, and entertainment. New York City is also incredibly diverse – with as many as 800 languages spoken within the five boroughs. It is vital that your business competes effectively with other companies within the city, as well as throughout neighboring areas, if you are to see significant growth within your industry. One of the ways to maximize the client experience is by providing as many flexible payment options as possible. Simply put, businesses that still operate on a cash only basis are quite possibly poised for stagnant growth – while those who have adopted sophisticated electronic payment solutions will be better able to handle the shift in consumer shopping habits.

At National Funding, we offer a comprehensive suite of affordable and highly effective merchant services packages that will help you accept electronic payments and more from your current customers. A low upfront investment, minimal interchange fees, and simple and easy to use hardware, combine to create an unbeatable value proposition. Features of our merchant services packages include:

  • Credit card processing – you don’t have to be a huge company or massive retail giant to provide your customers with the convenience of paying for goods or services with credit or debit cards. In fact, we offer a variety of merchant services that will help you meet the needs of your customers and support your sales volume.
  • Check processing – while more than 80% of domestic consumer transactions are currently conducted using either credit cards or debit cards, many individuals still transact utilizing paper checks. For the business owner, paper checks often represent the potential for fraud or losses, so we have integrated a series of check verification protocols into our merchant service package that enables you to minimize or even eliminate the possibility of chargebacks or losses.
  • PIN debit – ensure that you have the capability to accept debit purchases or pin based purchases by integrating our merchant service terminal into your point-of-sale system. The majority of individuals today use their debit card in lieu of writing checks, so you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared to accommodate these clients.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs – what better way to ensure future sales and greater repeat business than by creating your own customized gift cards for your business? Gift cards make quick and easy gifts for a variety of purposes, and can be used to effectively market your business. You can also create your own loyalty card program that will help drive repeat business and provide an added value proposition for your customers and prospective clients.
  • Credit card processing terminals and software – At National Funding, we will provide you with the hardware and software that you will need to begin processing credit cards, debit cards, and paper checks in no time at all. Our merchant services hardware is incredibly durable, low-cost, and easy to use – and our software is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Simply batch your transactions each night and you will receive next day funding for most standard transactions.

Whether you are looking to increase your effectiveness among your target market by integrating merchant payment solutions, or you are looking to enhance your existing merchant services, contact the experts today at National Funding. To obtain a no-cost account consultation, simply complete the application above or reach out to one of our Merchant Account Services experts directly.


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