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Merchant Services in Orlando, Florida

Merchant Services Orlando

The city of Orlando is affectionately known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World” as it offers tourist attractions that bring in nearly 60 million visitors each year – with over 4 million of them being international guests. Considering that the city of Orlando itself has a population of about 240,000, this is an incredible ratio of residents to visitors. Most visitors to this area seek fun and excitement among the resident theme parks like SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios Florida. One common theme among these visitors is that they tend to use credit or debit cards for the majority of their purchases, due mainly to a desire to minimize on-hand cash while traveling. If you own or operate a small business in the city of Orlando and operates on a cash-only basis, you are likely sacrificing significant opportunities to grow your business. To compete more effectively in this market, you will want to partner with a reliable, reputable, and affordable source for merchant services in Orlando, Florida.

At National Funding, we provide an entire suite of merchant services capabilities that will help separate your business from the rest, including:

  • Credit card processing – ensure that you are able to quickly, easily, and securely accept credit and debit cards through your point-of-sale system. Our merchant services packages include credit card processing capabilities that are much more affordable than you’ve ever thought possible. During the peak tourist season, you’ll appreciate the ability to quickly and efficiently process payments for your customers.
  • Check processing – sure, the majority of individuals today use electronic means of payment like credit or debit cards, but that doesn’t mean that check processing isn’t important. Rather, check processing should be an integral part of how you accept payments, and it must be managed closely. Our merchant services program allows you to electronically verify paper checks which can allow you to minimize losses and bad check charges.
  • PIN debit – accepting debit cards and completing pin-based transactions will allow you to satisfy the needs of a large share of your customers. Consumers – young and old alike, tend to use their debit cards as a primary means of purchasing goods and services, just as handwritten checks were the norm just twenty years ago.
  • Gift and loyalty cards – what better way to lock down future sales and increase customer loyalty then by offering gift cards for sale at your place of business? With our system, you will be able to create personalized gift cards for your business that make quick and convenient gifts in nearly any situation. Then, devise a loyalty program and we will provide the hardware and software support pieces to make your program come to life.
  • Credit card processing hardware and software – we provide all of the necessary hardware and support software to allow you to quickly and easily accept payments from customers. There are a variety of point-of-sale modules available, and we will work with you to custom tailor an entire credit card processing package to meet your specific needs.

Whether you are currently using a merchant services program through a different provider, or you have never considered establishing credit card processing or other payment modules, you will want to take advantage of our no-cost account consultation. To do so, simply complete the application above or contact one of our helpful account experts directly. Either way, you will be one step closer to competing more effectively within your market by providing custom tailored payment solutions to your customers.


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