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Merchant Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Merchant Services Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an incredible city that is known for its culture, arts, food, and history. It is the cultural and economic center of the Delaware Valley, and boasts a population of over 1.5 million residents. The total Metropolitan statistical area counts over six million individuals – meaning that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for business owners who can effectively tap into this vibrant market. The “City of Brotherly Love” is dotted with historical landmarks, famous eateries, and major industrial centers that combine to create a massive city that truly has a life of its own. If you own or operate a business in Philadelphia, you will need to work hard to ensure that you compete effectively among other like businesses in the area. One important distinction that you will want to establish early on is an effective, secure, and affordable merchant services program for your business. Your customers demand the latest in payment options, and you will need to provide the solutions they are looking for in order to remain a desirable business.

At National Funding, we provide a comprehensive catalog of merchant services options that will help you interact in a professional manner with your existing customers and prospective clients. More than just a credit card terminal, merchant services encompasses a range of payment options that will enable you to satisfy the diverse needs of your client base. Some of our services include:

  • Credit card processing – accepting credit cards seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses today still operate on a cash – only basis. Studies have shown that more than $100 billion in sales may be lost each year due to a lack of effective payment solutions options among US – based businesses. Don’t leave one cents on the table this year, make sure that you are able to accept credit cards for your goods or services.
  • Check processing – while more than 80% of domestic retail sales are completed using a credit card or debit card, that still leaves a lot of folks that choose to make payments with paper checks. The problem is, bounced checks and general fraud can result in a lot of lost revenue for the average business owner. To combat this, we offer check processing services that will help uncover bad checks before they impact your business.
  • PIN debit – debit cards are as common today as checkbooks were twenty years ago, so make sure that you are fully prepared to accept debit cards and to complete pin – based transactions with ease. Nearly all consumers today use a debit card when completing daily transactions, and these little pieces of plastic have all but eliminated the need to write checks when making purchases.
  • Gift and loyalty cards for your business – you will make an incredible impact with your clients when you choose to offer customized gift cards for sale. Gift cards all but guarantee future sales, as they are only redeemable at your place of business. You are also able to create a loyalty program that can provide perks and innovative ways to drive in new business, retain existing customers, and drive brand loyalty. We will provide all of the hardware and software support for these programs.
  • Credit card processing machines and software – whether you currently use another provider’s merchant services, or you are investigating the possibility of integrating merchant services into your point-of-sale system, we can help. At National Funding, we are often able to provide better services at a lower price point, and we will provide all of the hardware and software that you will need to efficiently process customer transactions.

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