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Merchant Services in Sacramento, California

Merchant Services Sacramento

As the capital city of the state of California, Sacramento is located on the northern end of California’s massive Central Valley. Home to nearly 500,000 individuals, this fifth largest city in the state comprises the economic and cultural center of the entire Sacramento metropolitan area. When you expand out beyond the city of Sacramento and look at the entire metropolitan area, population estimates show that more than 2.5 million residents make up a diverse and dynamic base of clients for any small business.

If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, you’ll want to ensure that you have convenient, quick, and secure payment systems in place that allow your customers to pay for your goods or services via credit card. This area has long been known for the California gold rush, so consider this the perfect time to strike it rich by partnering with the experts at National Funding for all of your merchant services needs. We can help you install merchant services systems into your point-of-sale architecture – and you will benefit from a host of benefits, including:

  • Credit card processing: quickly and easily accept credit card payments from your customers, then manage the transfer of funds to your bank account using our processing software. Our credit card processing offerings deliver industry-leading performance at incredibly low prices.
  • Check processing: while the majority of transactions today are completed electronically, you’ll definitely want to equip your business to accept traditional paper checks from your clients. While it doesn’t seem like you would need any special equipment to accept regular checks, we have designed electronic check verification protocols and other safeguards into our merchant processing units that will help you minimize check fraud and losses to your business.
  • PIN debit: so many individuals use debit cards to complete purchases these days, so make sure that you aren’t caught without this ability. PIN-based debit transactions are used by customers of all types, throughout a range of industries. We will equip you with all of the required hardware and software to accept debit cards with ease and security in mind.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs: promote your business, drive revenues, and secure future business with ease, all by integrating customized gift cards into your offerings at point-of-sale. Beyond gift cards, we can support your creative ideas through personalized loyalty cards that will help drive repeat business throughout your customer base.
  • Credit card processing hardware and software: when you are ready to equip your business to accept credit cards from your customer base, we will help you by providing all of the necessary machines and support software to create a seamless process for your business. You will wonder how you ever lived without credit card processing before – and you might even see greater loyalty from your customer base when they are able to use their chosen credit card at your place of business.

We are excited to partner with you to create a custom tailored merchant services package for your business needs. To receive a no-cost account consultation, just fill out the application above or contact one of our merchant experts directly. Your Sacramento-based business will truly benefit from a personalized merchant services program – contact us today to get started!


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