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Merchant Services in San Diego, California

Merchant Services San Diego

Few cities embody the laid-back spirit of Southern California quite like San Diego. This major city is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean – about two hours south of Los Angeles and immediately north of Mexico. It offers an incredibly mild climate throughout the year, beautiful beaches, and a diverse population of nearly 1 ½ million residents.

If you own or operate a small business in San Diego, you will need to do everything you can to differentiate yourself from your local competition. Business owners in San Diego are savvy, so make sure that you are ideally equipped to serve your entire market – this will help you grow and thrive among other similar businesses. One of the most important factors to consider when maximizing the customer experience at your business is that of your merchant processing abilities. Simply put, you need to be able to accept credit and debit cards at point-of-sale – as cash only businesses tend to leave significant sales opportunities on the table each and every day across the US. At National Funding, we offer a comprehensive assortment of merchant processing hardware and software solutions for nearly any business. Some of our services include:

  • Credit card processing: with our processing hardware and software you will be able to accept payments from your clients with ease. We stress reliability, affordability, and overall performance when constructing a credit card processing package for your business.
  • Check processing: while most consumers today utilize electronic means of payment, you’ll want to ensure that you are ready and able to accept traditional paper checks at point-of-sale. We offer additional security when accepting checks via our electronic verification protocols that help weed out bad checks and problem clients.
  • PIN debit: accepting debit cards has never been easier. Our merchant processing terminals allow you to accept debit cards from customers, which will help add flexibility at point-of-sale. So many consumers use their debit card as their primary purchasing tool, so make sure that you integrate our PIN-based debit program into your merchant terminal.
  • Gift and loyalty card programs: we bet you never thought you could create your own batch of customized gift cards – well, you can! Think of the marketing power that comes with creating personalized gift cards for your business. There are few better ways to virtually guarantee future business and enhance visibility within your market. Then, flex your creative muscles and create a loyalty program that will help drive new business to your company, as well as rewarding loyal repeat customers. We will help support this program through personalized loyalty cards and the required software to track customer sales.
  • Credit card processing hardware and software: receive all of the equipment and software that you need – all at prices that are absolutely unbelievable! At National Funding, we will help you create a merchant services program that will include a top-quality, affordable credit card processing terminal, as well as all of the required hardware to support your business.

At National Funding, we are excited to partner with you to address your merchant services needs. With a proven track record of providing small businesses in the San Diego area – and beyond, with affordable and reliable merchant terminals and software, you can work with confidence with our team of professionals. For a no cost consultation simply complete the application above or contact us directly.


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