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Merchant Services in San Jose, California

Merchant Services San Jose

Most people don’t realize how incredibly large San Jose, California really is. As the third largest city in California and the tenth biggest in the US, San Jose contains nearly 1 million residents that comprise a diverse and growing population of consumers. Small business owners in San Jose can truly benefit from this diversity, as nearly any business has a shot at success as long as it is run efficiently and effectively. Regardless of the type of business you operate in San Jose, you will want to ensure that you are positioned for success each step of the way. One factor that many business owners fail to consider is the ease at which customers can pay for your goods or services.

While some business owners still stick to the “cash is king” mantra, recent studies have shown that billions of dollars of sales are lost each year in the US due to businesses that are unable or unwilling to accept credit or debit card payments. To address this issue, we offer a comprehensive suite of affordable and efficient merchant processing terminals – as well as all necessary supporting software. At National Funding, you’ll enjoy array of options, including:

  • Credit card processing: make sure that you are operating efficiently and provide your customers with a full range of payment options by integrating our credit card processing services into your business model. We have worked with a variety of different business types among nearly every industry in the area and can help your business accept credit cards today.
  • Check processing: if you are looking for merchant processing in San Jose, you will also want to consider those customers that still choose to pay via check. While this number seems to dwindle every year, those who prefer traditional paper checks must have that ability at your business. To help minimize the normal risks that are associated with accepting personal or business checks, we employ a series of electronic verifications by can help you accept checks with confidence.
  • PIN debit: fail to accept debit cards from customers and you may find that shoppers will go elsewhere. As one of the most popular payment methods used today, make sure that you are ready to process PIN-based debit transactions at point-of-sale – this will help ensure that you aren’t driving your customers to your competition.
  • Gift cards and loyalty programs: many small business owners fail to think of the marketing impact that accompanies the introduction of personalized gift cards at point-of-sale. Simply offering gift cards for your business helps to virtually guarantee future business and increases the visibility and acceptance of your brand throughout your industry. Then, get creative and design a loyalty program that will help drive future business and we will support it with customized loyalty cards for your customers.
  • Credit card processing terminals and support software: at National Funding, we will provide you with everything you need to begin accepting credit and debit cards at your place of business. This includes all required hardware and software, as well as guidance on how to effectively utilize your new equipment.

If you are looking to boost the performance of your San Jose-based business, contact us today and we will provide you with a no-cost account consultation. To get started, simply complete the application above or contact us directly. Either way we are confident that you will love your new merchant processing hardware and software.


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