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Working Capital in Houston, Texas

National Funding has great options of working capital loans for small businesses in Houston, up to $150,000.

Working Capital Houston

When it comes to the state of Texas, everything is super-sized – and Houston is the largest city in this massive state. More than two million residents and a government that has a reputation for being business-friendly means that small business owner/operators in Houston enjoy amazing opportunities. With a diverse and savvy customer base, a host of major national employers, and an economy that is as varied as the land is flat – Houstonites that are entrepreneurial-minded can really strike it rich, but they must do all they can to remain as competitive as possible. Houston boasts over 100,000 small businesses (according to BizJournals), and that means that business owners like you must innovate, evolve with the times, and differentiate products are services from those of the competition. One of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your company is a leader in your industry is to partner with a reputable and responsive lender of small business working capital. At National Funding, we take the time to get to know each client and then tailor a loan product to fit the needs of the business. We are excited to partner with your company to create a customized loan proposal today.

Working capital can help your business achieve a host of short, medium, and long term financial goals. Remodel or renovate your existing retail or office space, hire more staff to use during the holidays or peak times of the year, or catch up on those bills and expenses that have been keeping you up at night. Invest in additional advertising space or market your business more effectively with an influx of cash. The extra money spent on marketing or advertising can pay dividends when it comes to brand exposure and market penetration. No matter what your spending plans are, we’re the go-to source for small business working capital in Houston.

We know that small business owners need access to working capital, but most tend to make the mistake of applying with a traditional lender – like a bank or credit union. Those that have taken this route often report extended wait times, low approval rates, and unfavorable terms. For those with challenged credit or minimal profit, a loan application with a lender like these may prove futile. At National Funding, we are ready to take your small business to the next level. Our working capital program can put up to $150,000 in your wallet in as little as 3 days so you can jump-start your business exactly when you need to.

Acquiring working capital can be a challenge, and every penny counts when you’re a small business. National Funding provides loans for businesses that are quick, easy, and flexible – all designed to address your specific needs. As the economy begins to improve, small businesses will face ever-changing hurdles that can be more effectively managed with an influx of working capital. Discover what you can do with a working capital loan from National Funding – and take the first step in growing your business today.


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