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Advertising Works, CNBC Study Finds

Advertising Works, CNBC Study Finds

Small business owners who have long been reluctant to invest in advertising may be interested to hear that research has found relevant advertising brings in new customers for businesses of every size.

According to a CNBC survey, nearly 80 percent of the network’s viewers said they formed opinions on products while watching CNBC programming. The online survey also found 38 percent of the network’s viewers purchased a product they saw advertised on their screens, while 64 percent independently researched a product after seeing it marketed on the channel.

Although many small business owners are unable to afford cable advertising, the principal that advertising works still applies. Small businesses that are expanding or looking to draw in new customers would benefit from local advertising efforts, including print, digital and television campaigns.

Small business owners who are looking for a new way to generate business can come to National Funding for assistance. National Funding can offer advice on getting a small business loan to invest in new marketing techniques to draw in customers and increase revenues.


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