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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Merchant Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

Cash is dead. Over 80% of all point-of-sale purchases are made with credit or debit cards. Are you ready to cater to the masses? If you are in the business of doing more business, our merchant credit card processing services is what you need.

The latest equipment combined with the most advanced software, low rates, and excellent customer service, makes accepting credit cards from your customers easier and more user friendly than ever before.

Low Rates and Superior Service… that’s our policy.

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Why Process Credit Cards with National Funding

Choosing the right company to handle your small business merchant credit card processing can be challenging, but for every day you wait to switch credit card processors, your business is losing profits and potential customers. National Funding’s small business merchant account services can be arranged for you quickly and easily. We’ll take care of everything.

Our PCI-compliant merchant programs feature:

  1. All credit card transactions on one statement – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover – which means you save on multiple statement fees.
  2. Next day funding to your account
  3. More accurate bookkeeping, which saves you time and money
  4. No extra costs for separate statements

Plus, with National Funding’s credit card processing service, you’ll receive:

  • 24-48 hour approval turnaround
  • Interchange Plus

Accepting Credit Cards for Your Business

The merchant credit card processing for small businesses offered by National Funding makes life easier and more convenient for you and your customers. You can now increase your sales (sometimes up to 400%) while minimizing manual clerical errors and reduce the amount of bookkeeping.

Accurate processing and tracking of the way you get paid for your business’ products or services is crucial to its growth and success. Every successful small business has the ability to accept credit cards to help grow sales and increase customer satisfaction. In addition to accepting credit and debit cards, our merchant account services also allow businesses to implement their own pre-paid gift cards program.

Swiping a card is the preferred method of payment for most consumers today. Bring quick and reliable card processing, along with enhanced customer service to your small business with National Funding’s merchant services.

* Applies to qualified Visa/MasterCard-swipe check cards
** Free for Standard Terminal Set-up


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