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PIN Debit Card Processing

PIN Debit

Accept Debit Cards from Customers for Your Small Business Transactions

Accepting debits cards is an absolutely crucial part of creating the ideal shopping experience for your clients. After all, not everyone has perfect credit or even credit cards, but customers still want the convenience of being able to make non-cash purchases at point-of-sale. For these individuals, debit cards are the perfect solution. Rather than an extension of credit, client transactions are debited directly from their bank account via a card swipe and a PIN entry.

Providing debit card processing services to your customers will help you to generate more sales and increased ticket sizes. After all, the majority of shoppers today elect to use debit cards for nearly every transaction imaginable. Customers are often seen purchasing items as small as a pack of gum with a debit card – all to speed up the transaction and to eliminate having to tote around the loose change that is a hallmark of a cash transaction. When using PIN-based debit systems at your business, you’ll receive your payment instantly and securely. There are worries about chargebacks or bounced checks – and your clients will love the fact that they are able to complete their purchase with ease.

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At National Funding, we will work with you to find a service provider who will help to create a hardware and software package that will accommodate PIN-based transactions through your point-of-sale system. In many cases, you can use your existing credit card systems and hardware. In some cases you may need to add a key pad, but we can help you by designing the ideal system for your particular business needs. At National Funding, we’re committed to helping you grow your business by enabling your clients to make quick and secure purchases.

When you are ready to begin accepting PIN-based debit transactions at your business, simply contact one of our merchant account specialists and you’ll see just how easy it is to get started. From the appropriate hardware components to the required software packages and PIN pad add-ons, you’ll have everything you need to add value to your business and deliver an unrivaled experience for your customers.

Debit Card Processing Benefits

Accepting debit cards through the use of your credit card terminal and PIN pad provides additional benefits for your business. First, you’ll generally enjoy lower costs with this type of transaction versus what you’d see with credit card swipe. Next, you’ll open your business up to a variety of clients who choose not to use credit cards, or for those who do not have access to credit cards due to their credit history. Keeping your business accessible and open to a wide range of the buying public will help to improve your relationship with your target market and keep clients happy. Lastly, you’ll effectively minimize the chargeback risks that are associated with accepting electronic forms of payment. Debit cards that use PIN codes are less apt to trigger chargeback issues than are traditional credit cards.

At National Funding, we are eager to provide your business with a credit card processing unit and PIN-debit terminal that will help your company drive sales and revenues – and minimize chargebacks. Contact us today for more information, and get ready to take your business performance to the next level.


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