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Cloud Computing Boosting Small Businesses’ ROI

Cloud Computing Boosting Small Businesses' ROI

Whether putting money into leasing equipment or taking out a small business loan, small business owners understand that without making investments there can be no growth.

Now, small businesses are turning to high-tech solutions such as cloud computing to boost their return on investment, according to Small Business Trends.

“When you come to the cloud, there is a lot of promise there that you can improve your return on investment,” Vice President of Oracle Accelerate Programs, Steve Cox, told the source. “It can lower the cost of the adoption, and that is always on top of mind.”

In the past, traditional business hardware and software was not only complicated and expensive, but it also needed a whole team of tech support experts to install, configure, secure, and maintain the technology.

The switch to Internet-based cloud computing allows everything from business processes to collaborative projects to be accessed online – either as separate parts or a complete platform – on demand, without the need for a team of service professionals.

Cloud computing is allowing small businesses to use services such as Dropbox, OfficeTime, Salesforce and Intuit for tasks ranging from information storage, billing and customer account and sales tracking, Time magazine notes. This helps small businesses save time and money by using the same high-end technological resources that big business use at a fraction of the cost.

The magazine cited a recent survey by Rackspace Hosting, Manchester Business School, and Vanson Bourne, which revealed that more small businesses are using cloud services to save time and money. Just fewer than 90 percent of small business owners in the United States and the United Kingdom who were polled claimed to use cloud computing, and about 50 percent reported that it helped them grow their business’s return on investment (ROI).

Small business owners, who want to take advantage of the cloud computing platform, but need some basic computer skills training, can consult National Funding about a merchant cash advance or small business loan to cover any expenses. Having up-to-date technology skills is one investment that can lead to a handle on cloud computing and a better ROI in the long run.


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