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Small Business Owners Slow to Adopt New Technology

Small Business Owners Slow to Adopt New Technology

Getting a small business loan may be a wise strategy for entrepreneurs who are reluctant to modernize certain aspects of their business operations. According to a recent report from Yodle, an online marketing firm, a large majority of small companies are slow in adopting new technology in the workplace.

For the study, Yodle surveyed 306 U.S. small business owners in multiple industries. The report found a majority of these organizations use modern technology to perform finance and accounting operations. However, only 34 percent of respondents reported using advanced tools for appointment booking and scheduling. As few as 14 percent of small business owners are using technology for customer acquisition marketing.

Despite the reluctance to innovate, small- and medium-sized companies could be missing out on future opportunities by avoiding new technology. According to Fox Business, entrepreneurs should always be open-minded when it comes to new industry trends. Even for those running a well-established small business, it’s important to constantly improve current strategies to stay competitive in an evolving market. National Funding can provide business owners with merchant cash advance services to finance new software and hardware tools that increase productivity in the long run.


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