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Small Businesses Not Backing Up Data

Small Businesses Not Backing Up Data

For many small businesses, data plays an important role in their daily operations. Many owners and employees rely on computers or mobile devices to complete their work, although some neglect to backup data. Despite the fact that 30 percent of small business owners and managers believe more than half their data is sensitive, one in four do not insist their employees back up data weekly, according to a recent survey from AVG Technologies. By neglecting to save multiple copies of data, small businesses risk losing information. Were hard drives to fail or files be overwritten, vital data could be lost.

A majority of small businesses do have some data back-up plan, according to the AVG survey. Seventy-five percent utilize automated backup systems, which save files without needing a manual transfer. However, businesses that use multiple data sources need to make sure each one is routed through the system. For example, if mobile devices are used to conduct business, any information stored on them should be subject to the automated system. Forty-seven percent of small businesses said they have experienced losing a mobile device, which makes them particularly susceptible to data loss.

“Our research shows that while the great majority of small businesses in North America are relatively savvy about the importance of backup, there is still plenty of market education to do, especially when it comes to mobile and cloud platforms,” said Mike Foreman, AVG’s General Manager.

Small businesses interested in using new data storage technology, or interested in an IT upgrade can receive significant tax benefits if they purchase equipment before the end of the year. Due to section 179 of the federal tax code, qualifying business-related equipment purchases can be written off. The benefits are set to expire on Jan. 1, 2014, however, so businesses need to act fast.

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