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Types of Small Business Loans

Types Of Small Business Loans

Tailored Loans for Nearly Any Business Need

No two small businesses are exactly the same, so why should their loans be any different? Each business owner has specific needs to be met, so it’s important to have a wide range of small business loan options available to choose from. From the amount of money borrowed to how it’s repaid, variety can make a big difference when it comes to borrowing.

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Types of Small Business Loans from National Funding

One of National Funding’s more traditional loan types is our working capital loan. This option allows business owners to obtain the extra funds they need to ensure their enterprise is operating at peak performance. However, National Funding’s terms are anything but traditional.

Unlike loans from standard financial institutions, our small business loans require absolutely no pledge of personal assets.

Additionally, we offer a range of small business loan options for owners who may have less-than-perfect FICO scores, providing alternatives to businesses that may be turned away from bank lenders. At National Funding, we believe having poor or bad credit shouldn’t automatically exclude you from access to loans for your business.

Another popular option is National Funding’s merchant cash advance loans. In exchange for a fixed dollar amount of your future credit card sales, National Funding will provide up to $250,000 in cash. The repayment option for this type of loan, which includes a small fixed percentage of your daily transaction being automatically retrieved until your advance is repaid in full, makes this a simple, stress-free way to obtain the money your business requires.

In addition to the standard small business loan options, there are also commercial business loans and bridge loans available. Commercial and bridge loans offer increased loan amounts of $500,000 or more for medium and large scale businesses nationwide. These larger options have slightly different qualification standards, so contact National Funding to learn more.

Importance of Small Business Loan Options

One thing to keep in mind is that taking out the wrong type of small business loan could do more harm than good, especially if it comes with strict repayment terms that lead to financial complications.

This is why small business owners should focus on working with a lender that not only features a variety of loan types, but also specializes in small business financing. National Funding has built its business around tailoring loan solutions for small business owners, giving us insight into what our clients need.

Get in touch with National Funding to explore the different types of small business loans available to you. Our range of small business loan options is available to serve whatever your business needs may be.


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