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What Is Working Capital?

What Is Working Capital?

Working capital is essential to all businesses, no matter the size. Whether you’re paying for everyday operating costs or staying up to date with your debt obligations, chances are you could use more cash to help streamline your enterprise. However, finding the capital you need for your business can be a challenge without the right lender.

What is Working Capital?

When you subtract your current business liabilities from your assets, what you’re left with is working capital. The more money you have left over for day-to-day operations, the better.

Having sufficient working capital means business owners can rest easy knowing they have the funds necessary to keep daily operations going while still meeting their financial commitments.

Whether you want to hire new staff, acquire equipment or kick off an advertising campaign, you’ll likely need to draw from your business’ working capital. A lack of money will hamper your business plans and prevent you from following through on them. But how do you find working capital for your business?

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How to Find Working Capital

Running a small business comes with costs of its own, and sometimes you may find yourself without the working capital necessary to undertake a new strategy or obtain what you need. In situations like these, taking out a small business working capital loan can be the right solution.

Most small businesses find themselves in need of capital loans at one time or another, but getting the money you need from banks and other traditional lenders can be easier said than done, especially if a business has credit issues, a low FICO score, or no collateral.

That’s why National Funding has made it easy for small business owners to access the funds they need with generous terms and simple paperwork. National Funding capital loans require absolutely no pledge of personal assets, so owners can keep their business and personal finances separate. Renewable working capital loan options are also available.

In addition to no collateral required and a simple one-page application, borrowers can receive funding in as few as 24 hours. However, keep in mind National Funding does not provide loans to certain restricted industries, including adult entertainment, gambling/casinos, tattoo/body piercing, abortion clinics, alternative medicine, medical marijuana and day trading.

Contact us today to learn more about working capital and discover how a loan from National Funding can help your business.


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