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03 21 2017

National Funding Small Business Tax Prep Guide

03 21 2017

Guide to Tackling Tax Prep for Small Business Owners

Download the straight-forward, easy-to-read guide to tax preparations for small business owners in any industry.

Finally, a practical resource that explains how to get the most out of your business Federal tax return in a way that’s conversational, approachable and achievable.

Why download this guide?

So much more than a bulleted list of links and forms, this guide equips small business owners with the information they need to confidently prepare to file their business taxes.

  • Informative and applicable to all business structures
  • Includes links to IRS Forms and Publications
  • Step-by-step walkthrough for deducting, business and capital expenses and asset depreciation

Featured topics

This guide covers key tax topics that impact small business owners.

  • Filing a business tax extension
  • 4 types of business taxes
  • Common business expenses
  • Section 179

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