Small Businesses Get More Headaches from Tech Equipment than Absent Employees


Absent employees can cause huge problems for small business owners. Lost productivity and time can throw a wrench in the smooth sailing of daily operations, but apparently, it’s got nothing on a malfunctioning computer. According to a recent survey, tech equipment problems were more frustrating to small businesses than a sick employee. Owners experiencing problems with tech equipment that they can’t afford to waste time and resources on should consider a small business equipment lease. This can enable owners to procure top-quality equipment and stay relevant in the evolving technology landscape.

Owners suffer from, overwhelmed by tech equipment malfunctions

In the fourth annual Brother Small Business Survey produced by Brother International Corporation, 75 percent of small business owner respondents said a computer that crashes is more disruptive than an employee absent on sick leave. What’s worse, for those owners with unreliable technology equipment, is the 77 percent who said they had been adversely affected by a tech malfunction that caused a missed deadline or business opportunity.

Additionally, 86 percent said productivity took a hit when office technology was out of commission or not working properly. Thirty-one percent even went so far as to say they’d sacrifice a week of vacation time if it would ensure that no other malfunctions happen again.

The survey also found owners were increasingly trying to cope with the essentiality of technology as a business solution in the modern world of small business: 66 percent said they are overwhelmed by the sheer amount and variety of technological capabilities available to them in running their business.

“This year’s small business survey found that technology is just as important as a healthy workforce,” said John Wandishin, vice president of marketing. “The results emphasize the importance of delivering reliable and easy-to-use products to promote a productive working environment.”

Cloud computing over the heads of many owners

Survey responses revealed 28 percent of small business owners still can’t fully grasp the concept of cloud technology. That led to 42 percent eschewing cloud use, and 35 percent only using it for data storage purposes.

Despite their wariness with cloud computing and the general frustration with tech malfunctions, a majority of respondents said they would prioritize technology tool investments in the coming year, with 51 percent identifying new software, mobile apps, and cloud services as key areas for business investment.

Small business owners looking to upgrade their tech capacity can consult with National Funding on a small business equipment lease that can provide them with the most up-to-date equipment, and prevent them from becoming obsolete in regard to technology capabilities.

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