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06 21 2017

Hiring tips for small business owners

06 21 2017

3 Successful Hiring Tips For Small Business Owners

When your small business begins to grow, you may find that you need an extra set of hands around the shop. This is a good thing! It means you’re succeeding as an entrepreneur. But it’s also a challenging task – finding the right hire can be tricky.

To make the hiring process a simple and smooth one, start with these tips:

3 hiring tips for small business owners

1. Define the role

If you’ve done everything for the business thus far, you might foresee your new employee taking on the same kind of jack-of-all-trades role. This is a common mistake that small business owners make, Bankrate explained. This could create confusion for your new right-hand man or woman. Further, a job listing with little to no description of duties likely won’t attract many leads.

Before you begin your search, carefully analyze your current process and determine where the gaps are. List these out – they’ll help you identify what qualities you’re looking for in a new hire. It’ll also help applicants determine whether they’ll like the role.

As you begin making your list, you may realize that you really will need someone who can wear many hats. This is OK, and completely normal for a small business, Mashable pointed out. Just be sure to include this in your job posting, so no one comes in with false expectations.

2. Recruit where the talent is

Job seekers often turn to online job boards to find their next gig. Find out where your competitors are posting their open positions and follow suit. Reviewing their job postings can help you improve your own. Plus, qualified candidates likely know which job boards have good opportunities – by finding out where people in your industry look first, you are more likely to catch their eye.

Just because nearly everything today can be accomplished online doesn’t mean everything is – or should be. Mashable pointed out that in-person recruiting can go a long way, too. To seek out talented people that will meet your business’s needs, find out where those people congregate. For example, explore Meetup, a website dedicated to facilitating offline group meetings for people with common interests, for opportunities to meet with groups of professionals, or attend an industry event to find recruits.

3. Don’t assume hiring is the only answer

During tax season, you might think that hiring a bookkeeper is imperative to your company. During the holiday shopping rush, you might believe that the only way to get through the season is with a full-time employee at your side. When you’re in the midst of a challenging time, it’s easy to assume that expanding your team is the best way to keep your business healthy.

Once tax season settles down and the holidays have passed, though, you may realize that bringing someone onboard in a full-time capacity wouldn’t have been the right way to go. Luckily, there are plenty of options for entrepreneurs who need temporary help. Consider outsourcing your bookkeeping needs to a larger firm, or hiring a contract employee for the busy season, Bankrate suggested. You’ll be able to address these critical needs without the hassle of hiring someone, or the expense of bringing on a new team member.


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