3 Tips For Growing Your Small Business


After those first few scary years as an entrepreneur have passed and you’ve gotten used to the daily challenges of running a business, it’s time to start thinking about more than just survival. As a small business owner, you’ve always got to stay one step ahead of the crowd, working to steer your organization in new and exciting directions. Here are three tips to get you on your way toward growing your business:

1. Stay focused on growth

It’s easy to become discouraged as a business owner – in a tough economy filled to the brim with competitors, it’s natural that many small business owners play it safe and concentrate on surviving from year to year. That’s perfectly understandable, but remember that getting into business was certainly intimidating at first, and as a successful entrepreneur, you’ve already taken plenty of risks. Harken back to the drive that pushed you to strike out on your own and focus on staying innovative. Keep up with the latest in business trends, consumer reports and what the competition is up to.

2. Embrace change

The business world is always changing, and so are consumers. What worked 10 years ago – or even 10 months ago, for that matter – may not be as effective anymore, and it’s a mistake to ignore the many changes that occur every day.

Take technology, for instance. Apple’s iPad was only released in 2010, but today consumers use tablets for everything from email to live streaming and online shopping. Resisting change is against any company’s best interests, so dig in to the latest in technology and use it to your advantage. This may be easier said than done, however, as technology is expensive and evolves at a rapid pace. If you’re worried about spending large sums of money upfront for the latest technology trends, consider equipment leases for your small business. With equipment leasing and financing from lenders like National Funding, you can test out new and used equipment, take a few months to get to know the technology and then decide if it’s right for your business. If you find it’s helpful, you can extend the terms of the lease or make the purchase outright.

3. Be resourceful

As a business owner, you’re no doubt pressed for both time and money. In order to expand your business and find success, it’s important to be resourceful in every sense of the word. Streamline operations by delegating tasks to trustworthy staff members, save on overhead costs by upgrading outdated business equipment and explore your financial options.

This last point is particularly important since, as the saying goes, it takes money to make money. Nearly every business owner needs to gain access to small business working capital to expand operations at some point – instead of approaching big banks for loans, try an alternative lender like National Funding, which offers ease of access and more flexible terms.

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