9 Ways To Take Advantage Of National Small Business Week

9 Ways To Take Advantage Of National Small Business Week


From learning how small business loans work to understanding the impact of recessions on business, National Small Business Week provides many opportunities for owners to brush up on their business expertise. Owners must act fast to take advantage of the benefits National Small Business Week provides. Businesses around the country are gearing up for special events and sales, and you need to ensure your competitors do not get the best of your company during this crucial time. From educating yourself to marketing your business, there are many ways to benefit not only from National Small Business Week’s schedule of events, but also the nurturing business environment this week brings with it.

Here are nine ways to take advantage of National Small Business Week:

  1. Attend events

    Events are scheduled throughout the nation, with prominent business leaders, industry experts and a host of speakers offering advice, guidance and assessments. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or SCORE chapter to learn more about what localized events will be happening in your area. If no groups or companies are holding events in your area, consider organizing your own event. Not only with this give you a chance to network and learn more about the industry, but it gives you a chance to set the forum’s schedule and theme so it revolves around your interests.

  1. Attend Webinars

    If you cannot make it to any of the scheduled panels or forums, many of them will be broadcast via webinars. These will allow anyone with Internet access to remotely join in the festivities. These are free of charge, but many do require advanced registration.

  1. Go on sale

    Integrate a sale or campaign that uses National Small Business Week as a launching pad for obtaining new customers and retaining old ones. This is your chance to capture and captivate a new audience.

  1. Create content

    Write a newsletter, blog​ post or social media post specifically geared toward National Small Business Week attendees and activities. Informing others of the week’s importance will help you gain traction in finding interested customers and networking. Consider including something interactive, like an original infographic or a poll that can prolong the week’s hype. When one person likes your content, they will be likely to share it with business associates and friends.

  1. Follow the right content

    You aren’t the only one trying to take advantage of the National Small Business Week spotlight. Many other companies will be offering sales and strategic insight through their content feeds. Use this opportunity to find leads and best practice advice.

  1. Work together

    Organize local businesses into having a block party or a group promotion. Having more than one company working together enables all the businesses to benefit from the increase in foot traffic.

  1. Support local businesses

    Visit fellow small businesses in your area and support their efforts as well. Use this opportunity to establish a good rapport with them or take advantage of any specials or sales they are having.

  1. Reward success

    Announce your own Small Business Week Awards that call attention to local business leaders, government officials or regular citizens for outstanding work in creating a better business climate, negotiating an important deal or something similar. Not only will this show your dedication to the community, it will also highlight your company and introduce it to potential clients or customers who might not have otherwise known about it.

  1. Start your own business

    If owning your own company has always been a dream of yours, then now is the perfect time to put that plan into action. Many companies are offering discounted LLC formation services during Small Business Week.