Category: Laws & Legislation


Category: Laws & Legislation

Small business laws and regulations can be cumbersome at best, confusing at worst. Yet the more information you have to demystify business law, the more control is in your hands. With a good accountant and great information, your small business can prosper even as laws and legislation change.

Trump's small business impact

Business Trends

How a Trump Administration Could Impact Small Businesses

President Donald Trump has promised to change course from the Obama administration on a number of business-related issues, including taxes, health care and regulations. If Trump is able to follow through on his promises, entrepreneurs need to know how these changes will affect them and be prepared for a different business climate from what they’re experiencing now. Throughout […]

On Time Business Tax Filing

Laws & Legislation

The Importance Of Filing Small Business Taxes On Time

Some small business owners might be inclined to delay filing their taxes due to a concern over cash flow issues, but thankfully there are alternative financing options to help them cover these expenses if need be.

Predict Federal Interest Rate Increase

Laws & Legislation

Trying To Predict The Fed’s Next Move

Small-business owners looking to expand or grow operations, should pay attention to what’s happening at the national level, as many market-watchers are trying to predict when the Fed will hike interest rates.

Fate of Section 179 Tax Deduction in 2015

Laws & Legislation

The Fate Of Section 179 In 2015

A Section 179 limit was extended for 2014, and what equipment leasing and financing holds in the future might be even better.

How to Prepare for Business Tax Season

Laws & Legislation

How To Prepare Your Small Business For Tax Season

Make sure your small business is a step ahead this tax season. There are many potential deductions available, including Section 179 if you leased or financed equipment for your business this year.

Laws & Legislation

Are Small Businesses Being Hurt by PPACA?

Recently, the National Small Business Association released a survey showing that a quarter of small businesses were being hit with health insurance rate increases of at least 20 percent.